Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2063 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2063

“you are wrong,”
Jiang Ning said, “Not only me, anyone is qualified to talk to you.”
“But a murderer, a prisoner, how high do you think you are?”
Elder Luo Feng scolded, “What are you, dare to slander me like this!”
He had to act in a pose, but Jiang Ning stood there, and didn’t even mean to retreat. Even Liu Chuandao and others didn’t want to stop.
Luo Feng resisted, feeling something was wrong with the atmosphere.
The yard was already surrounded, and apart from Liuchuan Road, several elders of the Qingshan Sect were here, including the Great Elder!
The people in the precepts hall have surrounded this.
“Sect Master Liu, what do you mean?”
Elder Luo Feng pretended to be angry and deliberately said, “What do you Qingshan Sect consider me?”
“What do you think of my Tianlianzong?”
“Elder Luo Feng, is Luo Heng’s death related to you?”
Yanagawa Road is very direct, without the slightest twists and turns.
At this time, it doesn’t make any sense to whistle around.
“Related to me?”
Elder Luo Feng sneered, “You Qingshan Sect died, do you still rely on my Tianlian Sect?”
“I am waiting to propose marriage on the order of the Sect Master, not to your Qingshan Sect to kill!”
“Even if you are the suzerain, you can’t slander my reputation like this!”
He was very excited, and didn’t know if it was pretending or really angry.
“Zhang Heng has already recruited.”
Liu Chuan said lightly, “If I remember correctly, Zhang Heng and Luo Feng are relatives. He should call you brother-in-law.”
Luo Feng’s expression changed.
“Luo Heng was killed by Zhang Heng, and Zhang Heng was instructed by you,”
Yanagawa sighed, “He has done everything, in front of everyone, without missing a word.”
The atmosphere suddenly became a little serious.
Guanshi He stretched out his hand and made a gesture subconsciously. A group of guards increased their vigilance and surrounded the yard tightly to prevent Elder Luo Feng and others from having a chance to escape.
Speaking of this, no matter how Elder Luo Feng explained it, it was useless.
Seeing so many people surrounding him, Elder Luo Feng’s face suddenly became murderous!
“Sect Master Liu, you want to frame me because you want to be an enemy of my Tianlian Sect!”
Elder Luo Feng can only pull the Tianlian Sect now, he knows that the Qingshan Sect will definitely be jealous!
Even at this point, he still looked at Liu Chuandao with a little disdain, looked at Jiang Ning and others, the disdain on his face made no secret.
All this, the great elder and others were watching. They did not speak, but they were still uncomfortable.
“Sect Master Liu, don’t forget, we are here to propose marriage. This is to give you the opportunity of the Qingshan Sect! But you don’t cherish it!”
“It’s better now. You still put the crime of murder on my head and pour dirty water on the head of my Tianlian Sect. You can really do it!”
Elder Luo Feng roared, “But I tell you, Tianlianzong, it is not something you can provoke!”
Yanagawa and others did not speak, but frowned.
Before coming to arrest Elder Luo Feng, Liu Chuandao had hesitated. He didn’t guess who the murderer was, but he didn’t dare to deal with it easily. Even if Elder Luo Feng was arrested, what would happen?
Tianlianzong… Their Qingshanzong can’t afford to offend for the time being!
Liu Chuandao glanced at the Great Elder, who was angry, but still shook his head gently and sighed.
The elders weighed the pros and cons and naturally knew that it was too unwise to offend the Tianlianzong now.
Elder Luo Feng could see their reaction clearly, and he became more and more proud.
“This is a member of your Qingshan Sect. What does Zhang Heng kill his disciple have to do with me?”
Elder Luo Feng sneered, “Even if I killed it, is it possible that you still dare to kill me and let me pay for my life?”
As soon as the voice fell, Jiang Ning moved!

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