Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2062 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2062

Jiang Ning’s understatement made Liu Zong and Liu Heng even more angry!
However, Jiang Ning ignored them.
He slowly stood up and placed the teacup in place. Then, with his hands on his back, he slowly stepped away and headed in the direction of Yanagawa.
Behind them, Liu Zong and Liu Heng were both grimace, but they couldn’t say a word.
Can only look at Jiang Ning’s back, secretly clenching his fists.
Jiang Ning is provoking them!
Even humiliate them!
After a while, Liu Heng took a deep breath: “If you don’t kill him, then it will be us.”
“Since he is looking for death by himself, don’t blame us for being impolite.”
The two brothers looked at each other and never thought that one day they would come together together.
They are brothers and competitors. They have fought openly for their own interests for many years, but now?
For Jiang Ning, Jiang Ning, who had just appeared for a few days, was about to join forces.
Speaking of it, both of them felt a little ridiculous, but they had no other way. The feeling Jiang Ning gave them was unfathomable!
If they don’t join forces, they are not Jiang Ning’s opponents at all, and even if they join forces, they might be under pressure.
But if Jiang Ning is not driven away, the position of the Sect Master of the Qingshan Sect is really precarious, and neither of them has a bottom.
“Let’s join hands, solve him first, and then fight our own.”
Liu Zong nodded.
No matter how much they fight, they are all from their own family. Even if they lose, what about it?
But if Jiang Ning took everything away, they couldn’t accept it.
After speaking, the two of them didn’t say anything, and hurried to catch up.
At that time.
Elder Luo Feng and others stood at the gate of the yard, looking at so many people coming, their expressions changed slightly, but they recovered quickly.
“Sect Master Liu, bringing so many people here, I don’t quite understand what it means.”
Elder Luo Feng smiled, “Isn’t it going to be an eviction order?”
“Elder Luo Feng,”
Liu Chuandao looked at Elder Luo Feng, “I am here today, not to chase away guests. On the contrary, you, Elder Luo Feng, I’m afraid you can’t leave the Qingshan Sect for the time being.”
Upon hearing this, Elder Luo Feng’s expression changed.
He glanced around and didn’t see Zhang Heng, his heart sank immediately, but he remained calm.
“Oh? Could it be that Sect Master Liu wants to stay with me?”
He pretended to be relaxed, “Of course I am willing. As long as Sect Master Liu can agree to this marriage, then you and my family, Qingshan Sect and Tianlian Sect, even if they are in-laws, let’s stay a few more days, so why not? ?”
Elder Luo Feng smiled, and at this time, he did not forget to mention the marriage.
Of course Liu Chuan Dao knew that this was not only to propose marriage, but also to remind himself that he was the elder of the Tianlian Sect!
Tianlianzong is now much stronger than Qingshanzong. If Qingshanzong wants to embarrass Luo Feng for him, he can weigh the consequences.
Yanagawa frowned.
He naturally knows the severity, the Qingshan Sect now looks pretty good on the surface, but the foundation has already been hollowed out. Whether it is better than disciples or resources, it is not an opponent of Tianlianzong.
If there is a conflict, things are not so easy to handle.
“Don’t think about marriage,”
Before Yanagawa could speak, Jiang Ning’s voice came from behind him.
He pushed away from the crowd, walked in, looked at Elder Luo Feng, and said with a smile, “Miss San is already mine.”
Directly, simply!
“Your young master, you don’t like to grab people and women, right?”
Elder Luo Feng’s face sank upon hearing this.
Jiang Ning is not dead yet!
Luo Heng’s trash, killing Jiang Ning, can fail. I really don’t know how Zhang Heng arranged it.
Elder Luo Feng said coldly, “What are you, in the Qingshan Sect, you are not qualified to talk to me.”

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