Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2061 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2061

“My disciple of the Green Mountain Sect is not so easy to kill!”
The Grand Elder shook his fist, “Whoever kills my Green Mountain Sect disciple will have to pay!”
“Come on!”
The Grand Elder shouted directly, “Enclose Elder Luo Feng and their yard. I have to ask them personally about this matter, what does it mean!”
The front hall disciples, personally went to execute the order.
The other elders kept their faces calm, and the great elder spoke, which is equivalent to the attitude of their Qingshan Sect.
Yanagawa asked this sentence deliberately, which naturally meant it.
The attitude of the great elder is very important.
Even if he is the lord, in the Qingshan Sect, he is not alone in the final decision.
“Jiang Ning, what is your vision? You actually think that Dean Zhang is not the murderer, the result?”
Liu Zong sneered, not forgetting to ridicule Jiang Ning at this time, “He himself admitted that he killed Luo Heng, this face is so loud!”
He was full of sarcasm and coldness, watching Jiang Ning sitting there, dissatisfied.
So many people see Jiang Ning showing up, are you all right now?
Zhang Heng would rather play himself to death, to embarrass Jiang Ning.
Listening to this cynicism, Jiang Ning didn’t say anything, just smiled and continued to drink his own tea. He didn’t bother to be familiar with this kind of child.
If you care about him, it’s all price drops.
But Liu Chuan Dao listened, turned his head and glanced at Liu Zong, the disappointment in his eyes became more serious.
Others don’t know, but he is very clear. If it weren’t for Jiangning today, where would Zhang Heng recruit?
Of course, this wasn’t Zhang Heng’s move. It was Jiang Ning’s strategy, just like the Fa-rectification on the spot, without giving him the opportunity to explain and sophis.
Just like Jiang Ning said, since everyone knows that he is the murderer, there is no need for any evidence, just kill him.
So simple and neat.
Even if it was Liu Chuan Dao and He in charge, they did not expect that Jiang Ning would have planned everything long ago, and they did not expect that Jiang Ning would let Zhang Heng down in this way.
At least the ventriloquism, when they heard it for the first time, was equally astonished.
“Everyone, please join me now and ask Elder Luo Feng what they mean.”
Yanagawa said solemnly, “My disciple of the Green Mountain Sect was so brutally murdered by others. We are all responsible because we did not protect him.”
“Even if he is a criminal.”
After speaking, he took the lead and headed towards the yard of Elder Luo Feng, and everyone else followed.
“Are you not going?”
Mr. He looked at Jiang Ning.
“Go, why not go.”
Jiang Ning said, “But this tea tastes good. I’ll drink two more glasses and wait for a while.”
He Guanshi didn’t know what Jiang Ning wanted to do, anyway, this kid had a bad stomach and couldn’t see it at all.
He didn’t say anything, and quickly followed. In the hall, only Liu Zong Liu Heng and Jiang Ning were left!
“I warn you, don’t think about the Qingshan Sect. You are just an outsider. There is nothing you can get here!”
Liu Zong gritted his teeth and said, “Even if the father values ​​you, we are his biological sons!”
“Yes, you better give up, otherwise, don’t blame us brothers for being polite!”
Liu Heng also spoke.
They can feel that Liuchuandao treats Jiangning very differently, and the degree of importance it attaches to Jiangning gives them a sense of crisis.
Compared with Jiang Ning’s maturity and stability, they seemed too naive.
That kind of anxiety and panic made them a little bit unable to control their emotions.
“The two of you seem to be fighting openly and secretly. Why, do you want to join forces for me?”
Jiang Ning got up and couldn’t help laughing.
His smile made the two brothers Liu Zong and Liu Heng seem to feel despised and humiliated.
“If this is the case, that would be great. Sovereign will definitely be very happy that you two can be so united.”

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