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Chapter: 2059

Miss San is true too, she didn’t know what kind of person Jiang Ning was, so why did she give herself to her.
Zhang Heng thought about it for a while, and everyone in the hall had already finished questioning.
Everyone has evidence of their absence. Even if some people hide secrets, they can still find a suitable reason to prove that they have nothing to do with Luo Heng’s death.
“It seems that the murderer is not in the front hall either.”
Guan Shi spread his hands, “Sect Master, the entire Qingshan Sect, but I have checked it all, how can it be strange? Is there no clue?”
“Are you sure you checked it all?”
Yanagawa asked seriously.
“I’ve checked it all.”
He Guan matters more seriously.
“Oh, no, there are still a few people left.”
Guan Shi suddenly called out and turned to look at Jiang Ning, “Did you just say something?”
Jiang Ning just nodded.
“There are also Elder Luo Feng and others.”
He Guan immediately said.
Full of tacit understanding.
You don’t even need eye contact.
Hearing this, the hall was quiet.
The needle drop was audible, but after a while, I was interrupted by a gurgling tea.
“Yes, there are a few foreign guests, I think they are most suspicious.”
Jiangning didn’t look at anyone, so he stared at Zhang Heng, “Dean Zhang, what do you think?”
Zhang Heng was startled and gritted his teeth, but he didn’t dare to show it, “You ask me what I do, what is the responsibility of the precepts hall, you should ask him.”
“No, I’ll just ask you.”
Jiang Ning said, “I think Dean Zhang must be very accurate. If it’s them, Dean Zhang must know.”
“I do not know!”
Zhang Heng did not hesitate at all, almost conditioned, and immediately shook his head.
Where does he know.
“what did you say?”
Jiang Ning raised his ears, “You said it was them?”
“I said I don’t know!”
“They? Yes, it must be them!”
Zhang Heng was so angry that he jumped, and immediately took a few steps forward to get closer to Jiangning, “I mean I don’t know, how could I know!”
“Dean Zhang is so sure it is them?”
Jiang Ning seemed to be talking to herself, and she seemed to be a lunatic, “What’s the matter? You heard that, Dean Zhang must be them, I think they must be very suspicious!”
Zhang Heng was angry, “Don’t pretend to be crazy!”
“I heard you clearly.”
But where do I know, He Guanshi nodded his head, “It seems that I can only talk to Elder Luo Feng and the others.”
Zhang Heng felt as if he was caught in the neck by a ghost, these two people… are they crazy?
What are they talking about?
Did they hear themselves talking?
Even if they didn’t hear it, did they hear it?
Zhang Heng turned his head and looked around. The Elder and others looked at him one by one, as if what he had just said was that Elder Luo Feng and the others were suspicious.
This…what the hell is going on?
“I didn’t say, I didn’t say!”
Zhang Heng is stupid, what is going on?
Suddenly, his heart sank suddenly, why can’t he make a sound?
His mouth was open, and he knew what he was going to say, but how… he couldn’t hear it at all.
There was no sound from his own mouth. On the contrary, there was a voice almost identical to his own.
“I confess that it was Elder Luo Feng and the others who killed it. I knew about this matter. Moreover, I helped Elder Luo Feng and Luo Heng to commit suicide.”
Zhang Heng’s face suddenly became pale.
This voice made his legs soft. He opened his mouth and desperately tried to explain, but he still couldn’t make a sound. Instead, a series of voices were talking about how he hid his identity and entered the prison, forcing Luo Heng to commit suicide…
“Zhang Heng!”
An angry shout made Zhang Heng’s whole person as if he was struck by lightning. The Great Elder stepped forward and slapped him directly to the ground!

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