Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2058 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2058

What else can be besides this choice?
The great elder flushed, slowly raised his finger, and then fell heavily: “Check!”
“The safety of my Green Mountain Sect disciples is endangered. How can we not investigate such serious matters?”
The great elder said righteously.
When he spoke, everyone was silent.
Especially the other elders, how dare they say a word?
Jiang Ning smiled and looked at the great elder, watching this group of people, step by step falling into his own trap and stepping into the trap he had set.
He suddenly felt that this group of people could be saved.
He didn’t hesitate in the matter. He nodded immediately and waved his hand. “Have you heard what the great elder said? Check it out for me!”
Everyone in the Discipline Hall shouted in unison, all rushing in.
The elder’s face flushed slightly, and there was always a feeling of being caught on a thief ship.
Moreover, Jiang Ning… several of them caught up together.
It was just this kind of feeling, and later realized that after a long time later, after the Qingshanzong stabilized the situation again, the great elder suddenly remembered, at this moment, he was only angry.
The people in the precepts hall cross-examined one by one, no matter who the other party is, even the elder or the suzerain should ask the same question, with a strict attitude and no element of joking.
Everyone knows that this is the dignity of the Commandment Hall, the dignity of the Qingshan School!
And they represent this.
Even if it is Liu Chuandao, he still has to confess that on the day Luo Heng died, where he was and what he did, do not conceal a trace.
Jiang Ning found a place, sat down casually, beckoned the girl to bring tea, and watched slowly.
Liu Zong and Liu Heng looked at each other, annoyed.
Even if they were scolded by Jiang Ning, now they dare not say anything.
Even Yanagawa Dao and the great elders accepted the question one by one. How could they dare to refuse?
You can only accept the cross-examination obediently, and dare not be impatient, otherwise, someone asks, you are bigger than the elder? They all have to vomit blood!
On the contrary, Jiang Ning sat there, drinking tea and eating snacks, as if leisurely in his own yard.
“Why don’t you cross-examine him?”
Liu Heng couldn’t help but said, “Is he not suspicious?”
“Luo Heng wants to kill Jiang Ning, and Jiang Ning retaliates for killing Luo Heng. Doesn’t that make sense.”
He gritted his teeth.
Jiang Ning didn’t even look up, nor glanced at him. He Gang directly said, “When Luo Heng died, Jiang Ning had evidence of his absence. I checked it out.”
“Not present? Where is he?”
Liu Heng asked.
Guan Shi smiled: “Naturally it is at the third lady. As for what the lone man and widow do together, I really don’t know.”
He shook his head with a wretched expression on his face. A man can know what his smile means.
Suddenly, Zhang Heng’s face turned red.
Third Miss Liu Qing, was Jiang Ning eaten?
It’s not over!
Elder Luo Feng and the others, they don’t want to be the objects of the marriage proposal themselves, because they have been touched by other men long ago, so they would also propose a kiss!
“What’s the matter, you can’t talk about this kind of thing, just be tacit, everyone is a man.”
Jiang Ning waved his hand again and again, looking like he wanted to cover it up, making Zhang Heng anxious.
When it’s over, Liu Qing is no longer the perfect body, so what else are they going to propose?
They want to use this method to invade the Green Mountain Sect, it is completely meaningless.
Jiang Ning…Why is this b*****d so anxious, didn’t he just betrothed to him, so he can’t wait to do it?

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