Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2057 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2057

The atmosphere is tense, the tension is extreme!
If it weren’t for Liu Chuandao still, if it wasn’t for them, no one would do it first, and the elders would have beaten Jiang Ning long ago.
But at this moment, Jiang Ning was still standing there leisurely, with his hands behind his back, scanning around, looking at the elders.
“I can say, do you want to refute?”
Refute your uncle!
Where is the opportunity to refute, where is there to refute?
Jiang Ning had just come to Qingshan Sect not long ago, but he seemed to know everyone well.
Their identities, the things they do, and even many things, are impossible to say to the outside world, or things that are known to others, or even if they are known, things that no one would say, Jiang Ning knows all.
Moreover, just under the crowd, I spoke out.
All of them were blushing, as if they had done something bad and were caught on the spot.
“Do you want me to talk more?”
Jiang Ning glanced around, “The Green Mountain Sect has fallen, you guys, you can’t blame it!”
“It’s good now, an outsider who dares to sneak into the Qingshan Sect and wantonly kill the disciples of the Qingshan Sect. You can bear this. How can you explain to all the disciples?”
He was impassioned and angry, “It’s not you who died, so you dare to say it doesn’t matter?”
“What about those disciples? What about the disciples like Luo Heng?”
“They are also raised by mothers and fathers, so they deserve to die? Can they be taken away casually?”
“Just like you, who would dare to come to the Green Mountain Sect? Which talented son would dare to come to the Green Mountain Sect?”
Jiang Ning’s voice shook his ears, making everyone’s eardrums loud.
There is no doubt that these words he said will soon reach the ears of all the disciples, let alone doubt that these words from the disciple’s perspective will resonate tremendously!
This is no longer a matter of Jiang Ning alone, let alone a matter of Luo Heng.
It is all the disciples of the Qingshan Sect. Has their lives been valued and respected?
Liu Chuandao’s face changed slightly, and he realized at this moment, Jiang Ning said a lot, and had already spared everyone in.
No one cares now, who wants to kill Jiang Ning, Jiang Ning himself knows, no one cares about his life or death.
Even if he was really killed, so what?
I’m afraid he won’t even make a sigh.
So Jiang Ning was very straightforward, and transferred everyone’s attention to all the disciples and to the masses. This line, if Su Yun were here, would definitely feel that Jiang Ning had too much military thinking.
Grasping the masses is the most powerful method!
“Don’t talk nonsense!”
The elder couldn’t bear it, and shouted sternly, “My Qingshan Sect always values ​​the cultivation of disciples, and cares more about their lives and their dignity!”
“So, you let an elite disciple like Luo Heng die in vain?”
The elder angrily said, “We are investigating! Why is it not investigating?”
As he said, he turned his head to look at the secretly gloating about what is wrong: “What happened now?”
Guanshi He just stated clearly, and no signs were found. It was not the front hall or the heads of the elders, but the elders had been obstructing it.
“Elder, check the front hall now, and, elders.”
He is serious about things, “If the elder is unwilling, then we…”
He looked embarrassed.
It seems that now, all the decision-making power lies with the Great Elder.
As long as the elder still prevents it, it is that the elder despises all his disciples and does not pay attention to the lives and future of his disciples. This big hat… even the elder dared not wear it at all!

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