Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2056 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2056

Is he scolding himself?
Is he saying he is incompetent?
Said that he was in vain as the Great Elder of the Green Mountain Sect? He has such a big tone!
“Yellow-mouthed kid, how dare to say this!”
“Are you going to die?”
“Arrogant! How dare you offend the elder, d**n it!”
The other elders couldn’t help but yell.
Liu Zong and Liu Heng did not expect that Jiang Ning could even say such things. Is he not thinking?
In the Qingshan Sect, even if their father, Sect Master Liu Chuandao, would not talk to the Great Elder like this, is Jiang Ning crazy? Doesn’t speaking go through the brain at all!
The great elder did not speak, but his face was ashen.
He lived to this age and spent a lifetime working hard for the Green Mountain Sect. How could he think that to this day, he would be so humiliated by a young man.
What does Jiang Ning mean?
It means he is incompetent!
It means he is waste!
It means that for so many years, he has not only failed to bring the Qingshan Sect to a higher level, but has made the Green Mountain Sect continue to decline. Are all these responsibilities counted on him?
Jiang Ning shook his head faintly, “Is this an offense? To be honest, it is an offense?”
He glanced at the elder and suddenly laughed.
“Elder, what do you think offends you? What is wrong? Please tell me. If I make a mistake, I will not only apologize to you, but also let you punish.”
Jiang Ning’s smile was not a smile, but the great elder couldn’t say a word.
The decline of the Qingshan Sect was a fact, and it was also true during his tenure as the Great Elder. There was nothing wrong with what Jiang Ning said.
What does he refute?
Want to say that I gave it all? Say you work hard and never sleep?
This can only prove that he is even more incompetent!
The elder did not say a word, his face became more and more ugly, already black!
He stared at Jiang Ning, his breathing became short, but he still couldn’t say a rebuttal.
“It seems that the elder has nothing to say,”
Jiang Ning said, “That means, I was right.”
“Since I’m right, what are you called there?”
He glanced, and glanced across the other elders, including Liu Heng and Liu Zong.
“The reason why the Qingshan Sect has reached this point, you all have an unshirkable responsibility!”
Jiang Ning’s aura suddenly changed.
“Especially you two!”
He pointed to Liu Zong and Liu Heng, and sneered, “As the sons of the Sect Master, you two, like waste, can’t do anything well. If you can use it at the top, Qingshan Sect can reach this point?
Liu Zong and Liu Heng flushed with anger.
Pointing to Jiang Ning in unison: “Don’t talk nonsense!”
“Are there any nonsense, you know in your heart that it’s all for your own benefit, what’s the point of fighting in secret there?
“If the Green Mountain Sect is gone, and this family property falls into the hands of others, what else do you have?”
“If you don’t want to hold on to the family business first, just grab it there, not stupid, but in the end being used by others to make wedding clothes for others, really stupid!”
“Extremely stupid!”
Jiang Ning was so good that he would not give Liu Zong and Liu Heng a chance to refute.
They have no way to refute.
What have they done over the years?
They did nothing, and they never thought about what to do.
What they do the most is to win people’s hearts everywhere, expand their camp, where they thought about how to develop the Qingshan Sect,
After being scolded like this by Jiang Ning, both of them blushed, and they couldn’t say a word that Jiang Ning said.
Several elders, too, couldn’t escape Jiang Ning’s verbal fighting, and they were scolded b****y!
In the whole hall, I heard Jiang Ning’s voice, like a gun, full of ammunition, and magnificent. From novel to big, there is no dirty word, but it makes people angry!

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