Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2055 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2055

He was not at all polite, not at all because Yana Chuando had any taboo for supporting Jiang Ning.
“So slandering Elder Luo Feng, I think you really deserve to die!”
The great elder pointed at Jiang Ning, his beard blowing.
He had a bad impression of Jiang Ning, let alone because of Jiang Ning, the disciple Luo Heng he had just fancyed, just died.
It is strange that he is not angry.
“Is that slander?”
Jiang Ning raised his eyes and looked at the great elder, “The great elder said, who else might be the murderer behind the scenes?”
“It doesn’t matter who the murderer is!”
The elder sneered directly, “Even if you are really killed, so what? No one in my Qingshan Sect will die!”
He didn’t regard Jiang Ning as a member of the Green Mountain Sect.
“What if, next time it is the great elder who dies?”
Several people scolded in unison.
Where did they think that Jiang Ning dared to say such rebellious things.
Dare to say that the Great Elder will die?
Liu Zong and Liu Heng both flushed with anger and made a fool of yourself! It’s just nonsense!
“Jiang Ning, what is your heart?”
Liu Heng scolded, “How many things the Great Elder has done for me, Qingshan Sect, can you curse indiscriminately!”
“That is, I don’t look at myself, but a door-to-door son-in-law, we haven’t admitted yet!”
“Luo Heng really should kill you. If you are alive, you are wasting our Green Mountain Sect’s resources!”
All the elders were not polite, pointing to Jiang Ning’s nose and cursing, not giving Liu Chuan any face.
Yanagawa just kept his face calm and said nothing.
Jiang Ning’s targeting of the great elders was unexpected by Liu Chuandao, but he knew that Jiang Ning was a wise man and would never make enemies for himself in vain.
He must have his own reason for doing this.
At this moment, not speaking is the best way to deal with it.
“It seems that someone wants to shield the murderer.”
Jiang Ning deliberately shook his head and sighed, “I understand. There are people who want to see the decline and fragmentation of the Qingshan Sect. They want to see the decline and fragmentation of the Qingshan Sect. When the time comes, they can fish in troubled waters and get some benefits.”
His few words made many people’s faces unchanged, but their hearts were shaken.
Because Jiang Ning was right on their minds.
“You are just selfish people, and you only think about your own interests, because you think that the Green Mountain Sect will not be able to defend it, it will decline sooner or later, and it will decline, so you can find a way out early, right?
Jiang Ning’s words are a heart of each word. Zhang Heng felt his heart tighten when he heard it, as if he was swept by Jiang Ning’s eyes, and he couldn’t hide the secret in his heart.
“But I can tell you that the Green Mountain Sect will not fall!”
His voice suddenly became louder, “Anyone who has any wrong thoughts, go to hell!”
“As soon as possible, look back!”
Jiang Ning shouted, his eyes swept, and he paused on everyone’s face, looking at each other, his sharp eyes had a terrifying aura!
Especially, when looking at Zhang Heng, he stayed for three seconds!
Zhang Heng was shocked by him.
“Yellow-mouthed child, his tone is not small!”
The elder sneered, “Qingshan Sect is declining. This is a fact that I dare to admit. What else do you want to say? Is it possible that because you are here, what else can you change?”
He really didn’t give Yanagawa a trace of face.
Even when seeing Yanagawa frowning, the elder did not have the slightest scruples.
“The Great Elder is right,”
Jiang Ning said, “That’s what I mean.”
“I’m not arrogant at all, I’m humble by the way,”
Jiang Ning smiled faintly, “If I were the great elder of the Green Mountain Sect, the Green Mountain Sect would not decline at all.”
Hearing that, the elder’s face is even more ugly, Jiang Ning’s words are too much, what does it mean?

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