Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2054 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2054

Jiang Ning’s words made Liu Heng also shocked, and his face sank.
“Boy, don’t be shameless!”
“Your face, I really don’t want it.”
Jiang Ning said lightly.
After that, he didn’t even bother to pay attention to Liu Heng’s attack.
Jiang Ning walked directly to Zhang Heng, and the two of them faced each other. Looking at them with Jiang Ning’s eyes, Zhang Heng’s face still had no waves.
However, he didn’t know why Jiang Ning would speak for himself.
There is no intersection between the two, and they have only met once.
But Luo Heng’s killing of him was indeed something he did under his command. Jiang Ning couldn’t know. Similarly, he had no reason to speak for himself.
“Dean Zhang has a kind heart, how could he harm people?”
Jiang Ning said, “What’s more, Dean Zhang and I have never known each other. I have no grudges in the past, and I have no grudges in the past. He is even more necessary to harm me.”
Zhang Heng nodded: “Yes, I and Jiang Ning, this is the second time I have met, where is the enemy of life and death, and his life?”
“Hall Master He, you can’t pour dirty water on me casually.”
Guan Gang glanced at Zhang Heng, then at Jiang Ning, snorted coldly, his face was displeased, he seemed to be very dissatisfied with Jiang Ning’s help to Zhang Heng.
I helped Jiang Ning find the murderer and help him get justice, but Jiang Ning was good, and went to Zhang Heng’s side.
“Sect Master, there must be someone else who wants to kill me. I don’t believe it will be Dean Zhang.”
Jiang Ning walked to Yanagawa Road and arched his hands.
“Then who do you think it will be?”
As soon as Yanagawa said this, everyone suddenly felt startled, and the expressions on their faces were different.
Where is there such a question?
Could it be that who Jiang Ning thinks it is, who should be investigated and who should be arrested?
It’s too childish!
What kind of thing is Jiang Ning, and where does he have this qualification, let Liu Chuando speak for him like this.
“No one in the Green Mountain Sect is impossible,”
Jiang Ning said seriously, “It hasn’t been long since I came to Qingshan Sect. Many people haven’t even seen me, and don’t even know that I’m here. How can they be murderous against me?”
“However, I am outside, but there are many enemies. If they know that I have come to the Green Mountain Sect, they don’t know if they will sneak into the Green Mountain Sect to kill me.”
“You mean, an outsider sneaked into the Green Mountain Sect and assassinated you?”
Yanagawa’s face sank.
This is a big deal.
Not only because Jiang Ning was assassinated, but also because someone sneaked into the Green Mountain Sect. This was a provocation to the Green Mountain Sect!
“Recently, have any outsiders entered the Green Mountain Sect?”
Jiang Ning asked.
In a moment, the whole hall was quiet.
They didn’t know whether Jiang Ning was talking casually or deliberately asking, weren’t they just like Elder Luo Feng from the Qingshan Sect in recent days?
The purpose of their coming is to propose marriage, and want their son to marry Liu Qing.
But wherever I thought, Liu Chuandao had long arranged for Liu Qing to visit his son-in-law, this is Jiangning!
With that said, it is really possible that this Elder Luo Feng and others are going to kill Jiang Ning!
The motive is too obvious.
They came to propose marriage and want to marry Liu Qing, but Liu Qing is now Jiang Ning’s woman. They want to propose marriage, so Jiang Ning can only die!
Like a thunderstorm, it instantly smashed everyone’s heads.
Especially Zhang Heng couldn’t help but his head roared, Jiang Ning’s nonsense, he was even right.
However, for them, killing a door-to-door son-in-law is not a big deal. No matter how they think, things will develop to this point.
The atmosphere suddenly became a little tense.
Suddenly, the great elder cursed angrily, “What are you? Elder Luo Feng, such a big person, knows you like you?”

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