Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2053 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2053

Without waiting for Yanagawa to speak, he sneered, “You mean, the Sovereign is also cooperating with me?”
Zhang Heng is short of breath.
He didn’t even know why he was so silly that he couldn’t refute a word.
How dare he say that Yanagawa Dao is cooperating with him, even if this is a very obvious thing, but he can’t say it on the stage.
“Everyone is for the dignity of the Green Mountain Sect. Do you want to destroy Zhang Heng?”
“Or, I didn’t check your inner courtyard?”
He Guanshi’s expression sank suddenly, staring at Zhang Heng, “Could it be that you are the murderer!”
In a moment, the atmosphere in the entire hall became tense.
Everyone’s attention, all staring at Zhang Heng, their eyes are different.
Zhang Heng’s heart sank suddenly, but he quickly recovered his calm, and the panic in his eyes flashed past.
“Have you started to frame people indiscriminately? Luo Heng is my proud disciple. I killed him? Am I crazy!”
He shouted, his eyes red, “He’s dead, I’m more sad than anyone else, you even slander, I am the murderer? Do you want Luo Heng to die!”
Zhang Heng looked like he was going to work hard with Guan Shi.
The excited expression was like a defiled girl, aggrieved and angry.
“Otherwise, what are you doing so excited?”
Guan Shi quarreled with him, obviously emotional.
The sound in the hall suddenly became louder.
“All right!”
Suddenly, Yanagawa slapped the table, and the hall suddenly became quiet.
He glanced at He Guanshi and Zhang Heng.
“This Luo Heng, who killed Jiang Ning and my son-in-law, would not put me in the eyes, and the Qingshan Sect in the eyes.
“People like him are naturally instructed by someone behind, so this matter must be found out.”
He glanced at Zhang Heng, “Don’t you want to know, who is the murderer?”
Those eyes made Zhang Heng startled.
It seems that they already knew what they did, but there was no evidence.
“Of course I want to know, and I must know!”
Zhang Hengdao.
He pointed to what is in charge, and he was very angry. “But what care is in disbelief, saying that I am the murderer? It’s unreasonable!”
“He can’t be a murderer.”
Suddenly, a voice came.
Outside the hall, Jiang Ning walked slowly.
“How could Dean Zhang be the murderer? Even if everyone in the world wanted to kill me, Dean Zhang would definitely not want to kill me. How could he be the murderer?”
Jiang Ning walked in, everyone staring at him.
Including Liu Zong and Liu Heng, they even nodded Liu Chuandao to Jiang Ning, feeling a little more uncomfortable.
Isn’t it just a door-to-door son-in-law, and he is not the door-to-door son-in-law of his own daughter, is it necessary to take it so seriously?
Even if Jiang Ning died, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Where was it necessary to make such a big fight and turn the entire Qingshan Sect upside down?
“There seems to be no place for you to speak.”
Liu Zong said somewhat unceremoniously.
Those present are the mainstays of the Qingshan Sect. In addition to the elders of the sect, they are also the heads of the halls and the deans of the inner and outer courtyards. What is Jiang Ning?
“Who are you?”
Jiang Ning glanced at Liu Zong.
“Huh, you don’t even know me?”
Liu Zong was very angry.
“Are you famous? Why should I know you? You seem to be inferior to Luo Heng.”
Liu Zong was about to explode immediately.
Compare yourself with a dead person?
Still saying that he can’t beat this dead man?
He stepped forward and was about to do something, but was stopped by Liu Heng.
In the hall, what style is it?
“Anyway, we are your elders, right?”
Liu Heng said lightly.
They are all Liu Qing’s brothers.
“Who are you?”
Jiang Ning tilted his head.

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