Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2052 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2052

The things that are easy to talk about are all said by Jiang Ning, so what else can I say?
He glanced at Jiang Ning: “The majesty of the Commandment Hall is naturally inviolable. This is the rule set by the ancestors of the past!”
“The rules of the Commandment Hall are the rules of the Green Mountain Sect. Without rules, there can be no squares!”
He Guanshi sternly said, “Chen Long is right to remind us, the front hall, we have to check.”
Chen Long almost fainted.
When did he remind?
He didn’t say at all, he didn’t say a word.
Now the Discipline Hall is going to the front hall for investigation. If those elders and front hall disciples know about it, I reminded them myself, and I have forgotten it all my life!
“What’s up! What’s up!”
Chen Long shouted, “This matter has nothing to do with me, I didn’t say anything!”
“I really didn’t say anything!”
Jiang Ning glanced at him lightly and said, “He has done meritorious service, no matter what, consider reducing his guilt.”
“I think your suggestion is good.”
Jiang Ning and He Guanshi two people sang and made a peace. Chen Long’s face was instantly white, as if a woman had put on a thick foundation, and there was still a trace of blood.
“What matters…”
Chen Long slowly fell to the ground, scolding himself, why should he keep a low profile, why he wanted to pretend, why…
How did he know that he just wanted to show his skills at a critical time, and he would turn into such a ghost.
He doesn’t want to die!
But Jiang Ning didn’t seem to hear anything with He Guan, and turned around and walked out.
“The front hall must be checked!”
Jiangning Road.
“Hmph, your kid would say, check the front hall, do you know how big things will be caused?”
“Don’t the lord just want us to cause trouble?”
Jiang Ning said lightly.
“Moreover, the bigger the trouble, the better.”
Guanshi He and Jiang Ning looked at each other, and both saw a smile in each other’s eyes.
It seems to be really fun.
“By the way, this Chen Long is considered innocent, don’t kill it, it’s still useful later.”
Jiang Ning said again.
“A person like you really can’t be an enemy, your mind is too bad.”
Guan Shi snorted, “Find a suitable opportunity and let him kill you.”
He didn’t know, Jiang Ning was already planning the game, and it was against Zhang Heng. He didn’t know if he could kill Zhang Heng.
The person who killed Luo Heng was obviously Zhang Heng, and both knew well.
It’s just that no one said it was broken, and I don’t seem to know it. Anyway, it is difficult to find evidence, so there is no need to use evidence.
This is Jiang Ning’s way, so he can only realize it now.
The two separated, Jiang Ning returned to Liu Qing’s place, continued to drink tea and eat snacks, cultivate one’s body and rest, as if on vacation.
On the other side, why is it crazy.
He is pretending to be crazy, but he looks scarier than being crazy!
The guards of the entire commandment hall were dispatched and rushed directly into the front hall, not letting everyone go, and thoroughly investigated Luo Heng’s death.
Anyone who dares to stop will be scolded by him, saying that he is fighting against the rules and dignity of the Qingshan Sect, and the other party will not dare to refute the scolding.
“Anyone who resists, take it away for me!”
He Guanshi said loudly, “My Qingshan sect rules must not be insulted, and my precepts hall must not be oppressed!”
“This is a rule set by the ancestors of the past, no one can change it!”
He just said these two sentences and said nothing else.
No matter what others say, no matter who it is, just these two sentences are what matters. The elders were so angry that they almost moved their hands.
But even Yanagawa didn’t say a word, accepting investigations and inquiries, who would dare to say anything?
“Sect Master, are you looking at Hall Master He making such a fool?”
Zhang Heng couldn’t help it.
He hasn’t checked his inner courtyard now, so he dare to say, he can say anything.
Especially now, speaking on the side of several elders, he is more confident.

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