Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2050 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2050

Zhang Heng shouted angrily, his eyes cold.
The momentum on his body was obviously not at all polite, and he was very dissatisfied with the guards of the Discipline Hall with such a big move.
“President Zhang calms down,”
The captain of the guard did not retreat in the slightest, “The Green Mountain Sect has such a big incident, and it is my responsibility to investigate the matter clearly.”
“The catch of the real murderer is also a comfort to Luo Heng. This is my unshirkable responsibility!”
Zhang Heng did not expect that a small captain of the guard would dare to speak to himself like this.
Isn’t he afraid that he will kill him!
“Your duty is to guard the order of the Qingshan Sect. It’s not nonsense!”
“President Zhang, it is wrong for you to say that. Asking for justice for the disciple is called Hulai?”
The captain of the guard had long been mentally prepared, even if he was going to die, he would not back down.
The dignity of the commandment hall is much more important than his life!
“What’s more, this Luo Heng is the most proud disciple of Dean Zhang. He is dead. Isn’t Dean Zhang sad? Don’t you want to seek justice for him!”
Upon hearing this, Zhang Heng’s eyes shrank.
The captain of the guard, obviously there was something in his words, and he even deliberately used his words.
“My disciple, I naturally want to seek justice for him,”
Zhang Heng hummed, “But absolutely not, let my other disciples suffer humiliation, let my inner courtyard suffer humiliation!”
With a wave of his hand, a dozen disciples rushed up.
“President Zhang, what are you doing?”
The captain of the guard laughed, “I’m waiting, but I’m here to investigate by the order of the hall master. You are like this, I can’t explain it.”
“My commandment hall is where the Qingshan Sect has existed since its establishment. The dignity of the Qingshan Sect and the dignity of the rules are all things that I am waiting to maintain. Now, we are maintaining, Dean Zhang, what are you doing? ”
“Today, I put the words here, even if the Sect Master comes, we should check, we have to check!”
The captain of the guard clanged and drew the knife straight out, “Anyone who resists, will be dealt with by treason!”
The atmosphere suddenly became tense.
These few words made Chen Long’s expressions change and they realized the seriousness of the matter.
The commandment hall has achieved this, and it seems that the suzerain has acquiesced behind it.
Isn’t it that Luo Heng is dead? Is this necessary?
I am afraid that even if a disciple of the former palace dies, the lord will not be like this.
Zhang Heng is also the same guess. He knows that Liu Chuan Dao doesn’t care about Luo Heng’s life or death.
A disciple in the inner courtyard died, he felt it was a pity at best, and he would never fight for it.
The only explanation is Jiang Ning!
Yanagawa attaches great importance to Jiangning, so it is necessary to arrest those who want to be unfavorable to Jiangning.
Jiang Ning…really, his identity is extraordinary.
“I am a member of the Green Mountain Sect, and even the dean of the inner courtyard. I value the majesty of the Green Mountain Sect more than you!”
Zhang Heng shouted, “The one who killed my disciple, I naturally want to find him and bring him to justice!”
“Since everyone has the same purpose, Dean Zhang should stop stopping me from waiting.”
The captain of the guard arched his hands and said, “Take it away!”
He was too lazy to talk nonsense, he pulled out the knife and said so much what to do.
Even if Zhang Heng had to stop him, he would not be the least polite.
He didn’t want to disappoint He Guanshi, and he didn’t want to put the Qingshan Zonggui to shame!
“Dean! Dean!”
Chen Long shouted, but Zhang Heng could only keep his face calm and silent.
He couldn’t say anything.
He Guan was obviously serious, and he killed someone in the prison of the precepts hall. This was provoking Ho Guan. He slapped him in the face. With his temper, it was indeed the case. Zhang Heng had known him for many years, and he didn’t know where he would be.
“Check, what can you find?”
Zhang Heng snorted, a trace of disdain flashed across his face.
Even if they turned over the entire Green Mountain Sect, they couldn’t find out on their own heads.

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