Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2049 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2049

Even if there is nothing to do, they have to fight!
Even if the elder’s head is found, they won’t take a step back!
“Hall Master, we will not let you down!”
The leader stood up, turned and shouted, “Go, thoroughly investigate the Qingshan Sect, don’t let any of them go!”
They were crazy like they were beaten up.
When it comes to this, if you can’t get some face back for what’s in charge, then the Commandment Hall will simply not want it.
A group of people rushed out, brought another group of people, and immediately conducted a comprehensive search of the entire Qingshan Sect.
Their duty is to protect the Qingshanzong, and more importantly, to maintain the majesty of the Qingshanzong!
The entire Green Mountain Sect suddenly became chaotic.
“Quick! Quick!”
“Start with the outer courtyard. I can’t let go of any of them. Check me out!”
“Recently, no one is allowed to leave the Green Mountain Sect. Violators will be severely punished by the Precepts Hall!”
“Last night when I left alone, they took the initiative to report their names!”
Starting from the Outer Court of the Qingshan Sect, a large number of people from the precepts hall have been interrogated one by one.
They do not leave any blind spots. Every disciple who is registered must be inquired to make sure someone proves where he is that night.
Anyone who cannot prove what they are doing and has nothing to do with Luo Heng’s death must be further investigated!
It was like a gust of wind that suddenly blew up. Many people in the Qingshan Sect were a little nervous and panic. Some of them didn’t know what happened, why the discipline hall suddenly became so severe.
Of course, the people in the precepts hall know that it is almost impossible to be from the outer court.
If the people in the outer courtyard sneak into the prison of the precepts hall and kill Luo Heng, then their faces will be completely swollen!
“After investigation in the outer court, there is no suspicious person.”
This is the same as their initial guess.
“Next, the inner courtyard!”
This is the most suspected place.
The people in the front hall had little contact with the inner court, and Luo Heng did not threaten them much. Only the people in the inner court had a strong relationship.
The most suspected one is Chen Long!
The captain of the guard was the first one to control Chen Long, not allowing him any chance to escape.
“He died, what does it have to do with me?”
Chen Long laughed angrily.
On the main hall of the inner courtyard, Zhang Heng sat on the top, silent, half-closed eyes, a little anger could be seen on his face.
In the hall, the other disciples stood there, accepting cross-examination one by one.
Chen Long was a little bit intolerable: “Why should I kill him? How could I kill him under your nose? You are framing me!”
“Luo Heng is stronger, he can only be second in the inner courtyard for one day. Is this reason enough?”
The captain of the guard hummed coldly.
Chen Long said angrily, “He is number one? He is the number one a*s! I just hide my strength. What does he compare to me?”
He was really angry.
Hidden his strength, prepared to hit Luo Heng severely at a critical time, but wherever he thought of it, he planted a disaster for himself.
What is Luo Heng?
He wants to win Luo Heng easily.
Kill him?
He was stupid and almost, and went to the prison of the Discipline Hall to kill him.
“Hidden strength? You can pretend, the more I look at you now, the more suspicious you are!”
The captain of the guard glared and waved: “Come on! Bring Chen Long back to me and interrogate me!”
Zhang Heng opened his mouth.
He looked at the captain of the guard and said calmly: “You have no evidence, so you just arrest people indiscriminately. Don’t you think it is not enough to die one Luo Heng in my inner courtyard?
He stood up, his aura was fierce, and his face was even more condescending!
“Are the disciples in my inner courtyard so bullied?”

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