Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2048 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2048

This kid is really unpleasant.
If you have a son, you definitely can’t be like Jiang Ning, otherwise it’s better to plug it back.
Seeing He Guanshi leave, Jiang Ning closed his eyes again, dangling, contented.
Now, before he takes the shot, let him worry about it in advance.
“You two,”
Behind him, Liu Qing’s voice came, “It always feels weird.”
She kept watching from behind, and didn’t disturb the two of them, because she didn’t understand what He Guanshi said to Jiang Ning.
I don’t know what these two people are talking about.
It was clearly a language she could understand, but she couldn’t understand what she could say.
“You think too much, we are both men, there will be nothing.”
“I’m not talking about this.”
Liu Qing blushed and glared at Jiang Ning. This b*****d always spoke out of form, “You two, it seems that something is hiding from me.”
Jiang Ning opened his eyes and glanced at Liu Qing.
“you are wrong.”
He said seriously, “We will tell you nothing, we will keep it from you.”
Liu Qing stayed for ten seconds before taking a deep breath, turning his head and leaving.
Too irritating, is this talking human?
Jiang Ning, this b*****d, why is his words so irritating!
Even if the truth is so, don’t say it, deliberately stimulate yourself, right?
When Liu Qing left, Jiang Ning closed his eyes again and continued to feel complacent.
At that time.
He Guanshi returned to the commandment hall.
He slapped the table with a slap, and there were more than a dozen capable generals standing underneath, one of them afraid to breathe.
When something like this happened, it would be the face of their commandment hall, the face of what matters!
Moreover, they are all swollen!
He Guanshi sneered, no one standing there dared to speak.
“Can it be more embarrassing than this? You have lost all my face!”
He Guanshi roared.
With a plop, everyone knelt down, bowed their heads, still silent.
The precepts hall has always been very high in the Green Mountain Sect, and it is a department directly taken over by the lord.
It can be said that the largest law enforcement place in the Green Mountain Sect!
But now, their faces are rubbed on the ground by someone, and their faces are rubbed to a b****y blood!
“Just in our prison, people who can’t die died. Are you telling others that our precepts are all rubbish?”
“When others want to come in, come in, go out if they want to go out, or kill if they want to kill?”
“You don’t feel blushing, I feel blushing!”
“I trust you, trust you so, and put such an important thing in your hands. That’s how you treat me?”
He Guanshi is emotional,
“Do you think that when I am old, I don’t need face anymore?”
“Hall master calm down!”
Everyone shouted in unison.
“Quiet your anger?”
He Guanshi slapped on the table, and stood up, “You tell me, how can I calm down?”
“Hall Master, I am waiting to track down the real murderer to shock my precept hall!”
“How is it shaking?”
He Guanshi shouted sharply, “Who can freely enter and exit the prison of my commandment hall, do you dare to investigate? Do you dare!”
“We dare!”
A group of people shouted in unison.
They are angry, and they have no turning back.
The Discipline Hall was so humiliated by others, this is not just a matter of one person, it is also a matter for disciples of the Discipline Hall.
If so, they haven’t responded yet, I’m afraid they will be laughed at.
Not just being laughed at by disciples in the Qingshan Sect, but also by other sects!
“it is good!”
He Guanshi sternly said, “Let’s check him out!”
He has a very loud voice, and he is angry!
“There is a problem, I am responsible!”
When the phrase He Guanshi came out, everyone’s eyes were red.

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