Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2047 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2047

He finally calmed down.
“Do you know who it is?”
He Guanshi has guesses in his heart.
He knows that there are probably only a few people who can enter his commandment hall silently and kill Luo Heng.
But there is only one motivated.
Of course, there is no evidence. The only evidence is Luo Heng. He is dead now, and there is no evidence against him.
“Who is important?”
Jiang Ning opened his eyes and looked sideways to see what matters.
“Why is it not important?”
How does it matter?
“No matter who it is, he can’t kill me,”
Jiang Ning said flatly, “And he will pay the price.”
He was stunned.
D**n, it’s crazy!
He really wanted to slap Jiang Ning, he had never seen such a madman.
This is inside the gate, not outside the gate. Maybe Jiang Ning is outside the gate and can call the wind and rain, but this is not his territory.
How dare you be so crazy?
Although Guan Shi sounded uncomfortable, he knew in his heart that Jiang Ning was not talking nonsense. He had confidence, and the calmness and confidence on his face did not match his age.
It seems that everything is under his control.
“Then what do you want to do?”
Why don’t you bother to talk nonsense with Jiangning, he is afraid that he will be pissed to death, “Or, what do you want me to do?”
Jiang Ning smiled.
He laughed while looking at what is in charge, his eyes were so uncomfortable.
He just told Jiang Ning earlier that he didn’t need Jiang Ning to take care of things, and Luo Heng died.
Now, he asked Jiang Ning again what he wanted to do.
He slapped him on his face with this slap.
“I am for the Green Mountain Sect!”
He Guanshi hummed.
“Luo Heng is dead, and the murderer is at large, but it is certain that they are from the Qingshan Sect.”
Jiang Ning looked at what matters, “So, you have to check.”
Why did you froze for a while, check?
He knew who it was, but there was no evidence.
“How to check?”
“Naturally, the people of the entire Qingshan Sect, investigate one by one, including the suzerain and the elders.”
“are you crazy?”
“There are also those guests who came to the Green Mountain Sect. They can’t avoid suspicion, they have to be investigated.”
“I think you are crazy!”
Mr. He stood up, “Are you trying to upset the Qingshan Sect?”
Only Luo Heng died. Where does the Qingshan Sect need to be investigated? Besides, what if the murderer is found?
Could he really kill that person?
He Guanshi knew that the current Qingshan Sect was not in the past. He, the master of the Discipline Hall, can manage things to a limited extent, so how dare he be so crazy.
“Green Mountain Sect, isn’t it enough to turn upside down?”
Jiang Ning smiled, “Such a good opportunity, without muddling the water, how do you know who is the one who has been moving behind?”
“I’m talking about every one.”
Guan Gang looked at Jiang Ning and didn’t respond for a long time.
It is really hard for him to imagine that Jiang Ning dares to be so crazy.
Sect Master gave him permission. Jiang Ning is really not welcome. Does he want to overthrow the Qingshan Sect?
“you sure?”
Jiang Ning said, “You are the steward of the Discipline Hall, so it is most suitable for you to do this. Of course, you are not the most suitable person. I am not using it here, otherwise, it is not your turn.”
If his brother is here, he can do things better, no matter how bad old men can compare.
When he heard this, his face turned pale with anger and his beard curled up.
If you want to help Jiang Ning do things, you still want to be rejected by Jiang Ning?
He pointed to Jiang Ning, unable to say a word or even a word for a long time, but his body trembled badly.
No matter what you want to leave, no matter where you want to stay here.
He was afraid that he would really be killed by Jiang Ning!

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