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Chapter: 2046

Guan Shi’s heart was shocked, and he quickly let someone open the prison door and rushed in.
The complexion of his subordinate changed, a little ugly.
They guarded against death, Luo Heng actually died, how did he die?
No outsiders come in at all!
He Guanshi kept his face cold and said nothing.
He suddenly felt that his face was so hot and painful, as if someone had slapped him!
Yes, I was slapped by Jiang Ning.
He specifically came to him and reminded himself not to let Luo Heng die. He couldn’t believe it.
Well now, what Jiang Ning said came true.
He doesn’t care about Luo Heng’s life or death. Anyway, this guy will die sooner or later, but if he died in his prison, it won’t work!
This d**n thing is a provocation to the Commandment Hall, a provocation to him!
“Who’s been here?”
He Guanshi asked coldly.
“No outsider has ever been to the prison. What’s the matter? I promise with my head!”
The subordinate gritted his teeth and said, “They are all from our Discipline Hall. They have visited twice, and absolutely no outsiders have come in. I have personally guarded at the door!
Hearing that, why did you step forward, grabbed the collar of his hand, and said viciously: “We are from the Discipline Hall? Are you sure, everyone is from the Discipline Hall? Have you confirmed one by one!”
Upon hearing this, his subordinates paled.
Where did he look at them one by one, there were more than a dozen people, he couldn’t see them one by one.
“What matters…I…”
“You wait for me to clean up you!”
He Guanshi cursed, turned and left. The men behind him were already shaking with fright.
He made a big mistake!
No one cares about Luo Heng’s death after such a big incident, and now he is losing the face of taking care of things.
He is dead!
He Guanshi grimaced, walked out of the boss with his hands behind his back, wishing to burn the entire prison with a torch.
He didn’t go to Yanagawa Dao, this kind of thing will soon reach Yanagawa Dao, there is no need for him to report.
Even Yanagawa should have guessed this result long ago.
But he was too confident to pay attention to it.
Mr. He went directly to Jiang Ning.
In the yard, Jiang Ning sat there, dangling the cane chair leisurely, closing his eyes to rest, like a retired old man, contented.
“You are free.”
He Guanshi walked over, snorted softly, and sat down on the side to pour tea without being polite.
“if not.”
Jiang Ning didn’t open his eyes, and said lightly, “There is nothing I need to take care of in the Green Mountain Sect.”
“Especially the Discipline Church, what is in charge, there won’t be any problems, right?”
This is clearly which pot is not opened or which pot is to be lifted. Whatever happens, I glanced at Jiang Ning.
“Luo Heng is dead.”
Jiang Ning still didn’t open his eyes, but that expression made him want to hit someone. It was obviously mocking himself!
“No matter what matters, Luo Heng is impossible to die. No matter what matters, this is what you said.”
“You tell me now that Luo Heng is dead?”
Jiang Ning kept shook his head, “I don’t believe it.”
He Guanshi’s face is all green, Jiang Ning is really slap her face while it is hot, she is not welcome at all.
He opened his eyes.
He didn’t even open his eyes. This mocking skill was too strong.
“I don’t talk to nonsense,”
Guan Shi waved his hand, “Luo Heng is dead, and now the people behind have no clue.”
“These people want your life!”
“Oh? Just one?”
He was happy, and repeated it again, “They want your life!”
He Guanshi couldn’t help standing up and sitting down again, taking a few deep breaths so that he would not be mad at Jiang Ning.

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