Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2045 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2045

It is hard for him to believe that it is his own turf, where would such a thing happen.
But in my heart, there always seems to be a bad feeling.
“Huh, this brat.”
He Guanshi didn’t say anything, and immediately led someone to the prison for inspection.
at the same time.
The prison of the commandment hall!
Normal criminals do not need to be imprisoned here. For so many years, few have been imprisoned here.
Luo Heng is also the first in recent years.
There are people guarding the corridors, armored long swords, and fully armed!
The killing atmosphere made Luo Heng sitting in the cell uncomfortable.
Suddenly, he became the proud man of heaven, the object of admiration and worship of all people, and became a prisoner. He may even become the man who has been convicted of criminals for the most years in the inner courtyard!
He was waiting, waiting for Zhang Heng to find a way to save himself.
He is working for Zhang Heng, how can he ignore himself?
Da da da!
In the corridor, there were footsteps, and a team of inspectors passed by, Luo Heng was used to it.
It is strictly guarded here, every level of checkpoints, without a certain identity, it is impossible to enter.
He Guanshi is an extremely strict person. He doesn’t know how, now except Zhang Heng, I am afraid that no one can save himself.
Suddenly, he felt a shadow, and when he looked up, a guard was staring at him.
“You let me down.”
There was a voice from under the helmet, and Luo Heng couldn’t help but move in his heart. It was Zhang Heng!
He really came!
“To shut up!”
Zhang Heng lowered his voice, “Don’t shout!”
Luo Heng shut up immediately, not daring to say another word, just kept begging Luo Heng with his eyes.
“Your family, are you all right?”
Zhang Heng didn’t say anything else, but suddenly mentioned Luo Heng’s family, “Your parents have high expectations of you. You are also the pride of your hometown. You can enter the Qingshan Sect and become a disciple of the former palace at such a young age. proud of you.”
Luo Heng’s face has become pale.
He trembling lips, looking at Zhang Heng, he already had a bad feeling in his heart.
“If you become a sinner, I’m afraid all of this will disappear.”
“So, you can’t be a sinner,”
Zhang Heng said, “You can’t lose the honor of your parents, can their life in their later years be guaranteed, can’t they be laughed at to death, right?”
Luo Heng didn’t say a word, but his body trembled even more!
“Luo Heng, for so many years, I have watched you grow step by step, but to this day, I can only blame yourself.”
He didn’t feel that it had anything to do with him, just because Luo Heng was stupid and couldn’t even do such simple things.
Zhang Heng took out a small bottle from his pocket and threw it in front of Luo Heng.
“Make your own choice.”
He was too lazy to say, turned and left, and soon disappeared.
Luo Heng looked at the medicine bottle on the ground, stretched out his trembling hand, his eyes were already flushed.
Does he have any options?
He does not die, but his parents die! None of his relatives can escape!
Zhang Heng is too cruel!
He had never thought that Zhang Heng would be so cruel and would not leave him any way to survive.
At that time.
He Guanshi hurried to the boss.
“No one else is going in, right?”
He asked the guard at the door that this was his confidant.
The guards have been guarding here, not letting anyone in.
Hearing this, He Guanfu was relieved.
“I just said that kid was worrying, hum.”
Guan Shi stepped in, thinking when he would have to press Jiang Ning, this kid was really crazy.
He walked towards Luo Heng’s place, and his face suddenly changed before he reached the cell.
He Guanshi’s strength is not bad, where I can’t feel it, there is no breathing in this cell.
He rushed over and saw Luo Heng had fallen there, bleeding from Qiqiao!
He died so thoroughly, his blood was cold!

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