Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2044 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2044

Jiang Ning didn’t worry about Liu Qing’s safety.
At least for now, everyone wants her to live and needs her to live.
Outsiders want to open the door of the Green Mountain Sect, Liu Qing is currently the only opportunity.
Since I have already cooperated with Yanagawa Dao, the road to clearing the Green Mountain Sect is always to be taken.
Otherwise, Yanagawa will never give the antidote to himself easily.
Saving Lin Yu is really the most important thing, no matter what the price is, Jiangning must do something.
He asked a few guards to send Liu Qing back to his room to rest. After such an incident, the guards all worked up to the point, and even transferred dozens of people to ensure Liu Qing’s safety.
But Jiang Ning went directly to the Discipline Hall.
When the news spread, Yanagawa was furious and ordered He Guanshi to investigate the matter carefully!
He doesn’t know where things are, Luo Heng’s assassination of Jiang Ning is definitely the stupidest decision he made in his life.
So what would an unfathomable kid do to provoke him?
In this high-end game, the masters are playing games. Even Yanagawa is just watching the game from one side. Jiangning is the protagonist!
As for the other opponents, they are now beginning to pay the surface, so I want to see how Jiang Ning can solve them.
After all, this is just an appetizer.
If Jiangning couldn’t even handle this, Yanagawa would definitely change his plan immediately.
Luo Heng has been arrested and sent to prison!
“This matter must be investigated carefully. Luo Heng dared to poison the third lady, seriously violating the rules of the family. This is not something that can be solved by being a criminal!”
He Guanshi nailed things to death in the first sentence.
It is necessary to strictly investigate, there is definitely someone else behind Luo Heng, even he can guess who is.
It’s just that in this game, he is also not the protagonist, as long as he does what he should do.
Shouted one by one solemnly.
Guan Shi raised his head and saw Jiang Ning walk in, squinted his eyes, and waved everyone else back.
“How did you come?”
He smiled and said, “You won’t even grab my position, will you?”
Jiang Ning went straight to the side and sat down.
“I am not interested in this kind of drudgery as a manager of the commandment hall,”
He took a look at what happened, “I’m just here to remind you, hurry up and check, otherwise, when Luo Heng is dead, nothing will be found.”
What matters is the pupil shrinkage.
Luo Heng will die?
“He was locked up in a big jail, and people were staring everywhere. How did he die?
“What’s more, he reined in time from the cliff and did not die. Luo Heng himself knew that he would not be stupid enough to commit suicide.”
He in charge said, “You are too worried.”
He did not have faith in Luo Heng, but in the prison of his commandment hall.
He doesn’t want to let people in, who can go in and kill?
What’s more, what is the act of killing people in the predicate hall? This is a provocation! The act of provoking the entire Qingshanzong rules!
It provokes him even more!
“Why are you so confident?”
Jiang Ning turned his head and stared at what is in charge, “Don’t get slapped in the face.”
“Hehe, don’t underestimate me.”
He Guanwu said, “In this precept hall, I have the final say!”
“That’s OK.”
Jiang Ning got up, “Since He Guanshi is so confident, then I can rest assured, I hope He Guanshi can figure out the mastermind behind it, otherwise I can’t sleep at night.”
After speaking, he turned and left.
He Guanshi snorted, Jiang Ning can’t sleep?
What he is most looking forward to now is that someone will assassinate him.
Can’t sleep because of excitement!
However, after hearing Jiang Ning say this, He Guanshi couldn’t help frowning. He didn’t think that Jiang Ning would specifically run to talk nonsense.
Luo Heng in the prison will die?

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