Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2041 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2041

At that time.
Sitting across from Liu Qing, Jiang Ning looked at this girl with red eyes, not knowing what to say.
“The wine is too strong!”
Liu Qing squinted, “It’s really too spicy, but we should drink it and celebrate, right?”
Jiang Ning couldn’t tell how she forced a smile.
But he really didn’t understand. He just said that it is impossible to like her. Is she like this?
Everyone has known each other for such a short time, wouldn’t she just like herself?
“It’s time to celebrate, but I’m afraid you are pouring your sorrows through wine.”
Jiang Ning said, “You make sure that you are not in a bad mood.”
“I’m not in a bad mood!”
Liu Qing roared, and filled himself and Jiang Ning with wine, “Go!”
She drank it herself and glanced at the empty bottle on the table.
“Come on, serve wine again!”
Her eyes were a little blurred, staring at Jiang Ning, her voice was a little more aggrieved.
“I know that I am a person who is never likable,”
Liu Qing said, “My father doesn’t pay attention to me, elder brother and second elder brother, never really regarded me as their younger sister, and everyone else felt that I was just taking my father’s light…”
“I want to prove myself, but I can’t seem to prove myself until you show up.”
The expression in her eyes gradually became gentle, and Jiang Ning suddenly felt that this was a bad signal.
“You drank too much.”
Jiang Ning said, “Don’t drink, go to rest early.”
“No, I didn’t drink much.”
Liu Qing waved, then turned to look at the guard who hesitated at the door, “Go get the wine!”
The guard had no choice but to turn his head and leave.
Liu Qing kept a lot of wine. He wanted to wait for Liu Chuandao and his two brothers to come occasionally so that they could drink, but they never ate at their own place.
The guard arrived at the wine cellar, took a bottle of good wine, and was about to leave, suddenly a black shadow flashed across, and a palm severely cut his neck, directly knocking him out!
Soon, Sombra changed into the clothes of the guard, poured the poison into the wine, and headed towards the hall with the bottle in his hand.
In the hall.
Jiang Ning snatched the wine glass in Liu Qing’s hand, knowing that this girl was drinking too much, and started to talk nonsense.
I’m afraid I have to confess to myself.
“Okay, really can’t drink anymore.”
As soon as Jiang Ning finished speaking, the guard came in with the wine, and Liu Qing immediately waved.
“Bring the wine!”
“Today, we are neither drunk nor return!”
She said in a daze, “I have to thank you, thank you for allowing me to win so many games and pass the assessment, especially…especially winning Luo Heng!”
That is the first disciple of the inner courtyard!
Hearing that, Luo Heng shrunk in his protective suit, and a trace of cold flashed under his eyes. He couldn’t help squeezing his fists, and his joints made a slight click.
Is it something Liu Qing should celebrate if he loses?
He didn’t expect that there was such a slight joint movement that Jiang Ning noticed.
Jiang Ning turned his head and took a look. Even if Luo Heng lowered his head, he could tell that this was not the same person as the guard just now.
He didn’t ask, grabbed the wine bottle in Liu Qing’s hand and opened it, and poured it into two people’s cups.
“Okay, since you want to drink, then I will drink with you, not drunk or return.”
Jiang Ning poured the wine, took another cup and poured the wine, and waved to Luo Heng, “I don’t drink well. Come with me and drink with Miss San.”
Luo Heng was startled, what’s the situation?
Where did the guard come to the table and drink with Miss San?
“I’m just a guard…”
Luo Heng hurriedly said.
“Guard? Isn’t the guard a human?”
Jiang Ning sternly said, “Or do you think our third lady will look down on you? Come here!”
There is no doubt in his voice.
Luo Heng hesitated and had to walk to the table, but he dared not sit down.
He glanced at the wine glass, his heart beating violently.
This wine is… poisonous!

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