Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2040 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2040

What they want is not just the Green Mountain Sect, this is something that everyone knows.
Especially, within this mountain gate, other people are also eyeing, if they can’t get ahead quickly, it will be even more difficult to seize resources in the future.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this.”
Zhang Heng said, “On the side of the lord, I’m afraid I won’t let it go easily, but as long as Jiang Ning is dead…”
There was a vicious look in his eyes.
Elder Luo Feng nodded.
“We will stay in the Green Mountain Sect for a few more days, depending on your arrangements.”
Several people looked at each other, and they all understood that now that everyone is in the same boat and doing everything, they have to bear the consequences together. Otherwise, how can a major event be achieved?
Zhang Heng sent away a few elders and went to the study. After waiting for a while, someone quietly opened the door and walked in.
“The Dean.”
It’s Luo Heng.
His face is a little ugly.
Being defeated by Liu Qing has already made him very embarrassed.
To be defeated by Jiang Ning with a single move is even more like self-inflicted humiliation. Now the inner courtyard and the outer courtyard are all spread.
He Luo Heng has completely become a joke!
Even if he was sure that he could enter the front hall and become a disciple of the front hall, he still couldn’t make him feel better.
“Still angry?”
Zhang Heng laughed, “In front of everyone, losing to that Jiang Ning is shameful, right?”
Luo Heng did not speak, but the expression on his face was obvious.
“Now there is a chance, maybe it can make you feel better.”
Luo Heng’s pupils shrank: “Dean, what do you mean by this?”
“Do you want him to die?”
Zhang Heng’s words made Luo Heng’s heart beat.
He really wanted to kill Jiang Ning to vent his hatred, but now the news came out that Jiang Ning was the son-in-law of the suzerain and was Liu Qing’s man!
Where did he dare to start.
When Jiang Ning is dead, Sect Master Lei Ting must be furious. When the time comes to investigate, what should I do?
He was angry but still somewhat sensible, so he wouldn’t lose his life for it!
“He offended people.”
Zhang Heng knew what Luo Heng was worried about, so he sneered, a little disdainful, “There are many people who want him to die, and you can’t be ranked.”
This sentence was telling Luo Heng that even if Liu Chuandao would be furious over Jiang Ning’s death, it would not be Luo Heng’s turn to investigate it.
So many people wanted to kill Jiang Ning and ruled out the past one by one, and it would not be Luo Heng’s turn.
This sounds a little more uncomfortable, but it makes Luo Heng happy.
“This kid is too arrogant, it’s normal to offend people.”
Luo Heng hummed.
He would not be so stupid to ask who wanted Jiang Ning’s life.
Even Zhang Heng wanted to kill Jiang Ning, knowing that he must be the senior of the Qingshan Sect.
Luo Heng knows a little bit about the current situation of the Green Mountain Sect. The elders are fighting for their own interests.
Even the two sons of Yanagawado are like this, everyone is just for themselves.
“So you don’t need to worry, what you need to worry about is whether you have the ability to kill Jiang Ning!”
Hearing this, Luo Heng’s eyes instantly appeared murderous.
“Kill him! Not difficult!”
When fighting Jiang Ning, he didn’t use his ultimate move at all, let alone try his best.
Really fighting, Jiang Ning will not be his opponent, Luo Heng has this confidence.
“It’s good to have this confidence.”
Zhang Heng took out a bottle from his pocket, “The poison in it may be of some help to you.”
“Do things clean, don’t leave marks, you only have one chance.”
After speaking, he handed the bottle to Luo Heng and said nothing more.
Luo Heng glanced at the bottle in his hand, hid it cautiously, bowed his hand respectfully, and left.

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