Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2036 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2036

Jiang Ning was not at all polite.
He knew very well that he didn’t have the right to speak, and it would be difficult for him to do anything in the Green Mountain Sect.
This is not in the city, his network is zero here, and everything has to be started from scratch.
It’s not that Jiangning can’t do it, but he doesn’t want to waste this time.
His purpose is to save Lin Yuzhen and protect the people outside the mountain gate, but he is not here to fight.
Jiang Ning has no interest in these.
Yanagawa’s pupils shrank suddenly, but he didn’t expect Jiang Ning to make this request, and it was still so direct.
This posture is like discussing business with oneself, clearly marking the price and putting up all the chips.
If you can cooperate, then everyone will cooperate. If you can’t cooperate, then you will shoot two!
He is just curious, what is Jiang Ning’s confidence, dare to negotiate with him like this, so many years, who dares?
Regardless of Jiang Ning’s origins, he should have lowered his breath now and begged for help, but now, it seems that the reverse is true.
Yanagawa nodded.
He straightened his body and looked at Jiang Ning: “Then, I should make a request next.”
As Liu Chuandao was about to say, Jiang Ning got up, gave him a smile, turned around and left.
“You can’t mention any conditions for now.”
His strength completely stunned Yanagawa.
What is the reason for this?
When the two sides cooperate, only Jiangning can make the conditions, but he can’t make them?
Jiang Ning wants to use his own land, use his own rights, and even use his own daughter. It’s good for him, can’t he make a condition by himself?
Too overbearing!
“The trouble I helped you solve is already the biggest condition.”
Jiang Ning said, “That’s it.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning opened the door and left.
Outside the door, He Guanshi smiled, and after watching Jiang Ning leave, knocked on the door and went in.
Seeing Liu Chuandao’s face not crying or laughing, why can’t help but say: “It’s settled?”
“Talk about it!”
Yanagawa slapped the table with a slap, “He’s just a hob!”
I couldn’t be reconciled when I thought about it, but why didn’t I think of how to refute it just now?
It seemed that Jiang Ning was justified and well-founded, and it seemed that Jiang Ning had already guessed what he thought in his heart, so he dared to have such confidence and always stepped on his limit.
How did this kid do it? He knew that he had just entered this mountain gate.
“He is not easy.”
He said, “I feel that he can know what I’m thinking by just looking at it. It counts as time. He has been here for a month.”
Yanagawa nodded.
“In just this month, apart from pointing out the third lady, he has almost sorted out the relationship between the Qingshan Sect.”
He Guanshi couldn’t help but sigh.
Jiang Ning was not drinking tea and eating snacks every day, but was already preparing.
He used all the people and things that could be used. From the day of Yanagawa Road, he asked Jiangning, “You are here, and since then, Jiangning and even Yanagawa Road have begun to use it!”
Of course, this is a shot taken by Yanagawa Road to Jiangning, and Jiangning will naturally climb up immediately.
Without the words of Yanagawa Road, Jiangning wanted to do all this, it was not so easy.
“He is right. Sovereign, you definitely can’t help it. Better than patience. We really can’t compare him.”
Guanshi He sighed, “Even if he has something more urgent than us.”
This is magnanimity, but also a measure!
It is not something ordinary people can own, nor can ordinary people understand it.
“Let’s see what he does.”
Liu Chuan Dao snorted, unwilling, but had to be convinced, “The Green Mountain Sect is now a piece of rotten meat, and it is not convenient for me to do it. Let him, an outsider, do it. It is a good choice. “

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