Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2035 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2035

Yanagawa smiled.
“How do you know that I need your help?”
Jiang Ning was within this mountain gate, but within a month, I am afraid that he still didn’t understand the situation here.
How dare he say such a thing.
“The mission of the Green Mountain Sect is to guard the mountain gate.”
Jiang Ning looked at Liu Chuan and said, “But obviously, you can’t hold it anymore.”
“It’s not just that you can’t hold the gate, you can’t even hold the position of the Green Mountain Sect.
The face of Yanagawa Road does not change.
“The gate of the mountain can’t be guarded. In the end, it’s unlucky, isn’t it yours?”
He stared at Jiang Ning, tapping his fingers on the table lightly, “So, you are not helping me, but helping yourself.”
This is a bargain.
Jiang Ning did not speak, but looked at Liu Chuan with a faint smile.
Negotiation is sometimes a skill work, but it can’t be negotiated by lip service. It requires both sides’ bargaining chips and some gambling.
At least for now, Jiang Ning bet.
“Well, you say the conditions.”
Liu Chuandao is an old fox. It can be seen that Jiang Ning killed himself by killing him, and he is even more aware of his current situation.
He has no choice, but Jiang Ning has.
“First, I need the antidote for drunken dreams.”
This is the purpose of Jiang Ning’s entry into the mountain gate. The other things are not important.
Upon hearing this, Yanagawa frowned slightly: “Drunk dreams are scattered?”
He shook his head, “This medicine is long gone, so there is no cure.”
“Then don’t talk about it.”
Jiang Ning was still sitting there, with no intention of getting up.
Yana Chuan said no, it must not be true. This is from the Qingshan School. He dare to say no?
“There is indeed no antidote,”
Yanagawa sighed, “This kind of forbidden medicine has long been forbidden by the Qingshan Sect. Naturally, there is no antidote.”
“But, I still remember the prescription. If there is a prescription, there will be an antidote.”
He glanced at Jiang Ning and squinted slightly, “You came into the mountain gate for this antidote, right?”
Conversations between smart people and smart people often have nothing to hide, they are straightforward, but the simplest.
“The second condition,”
Jiangning ignored Yanagawa’s words, “I need a suitable identity to stay in the Qingshan Sect.”
Dao Yanagawa was right. If he couldn’t hold the Qingshan Sect or the gate, it would be the people outside the gate that would be unlucky in the end.
Jiang Ning not only had to get the antidote to save Lin Yuzhen, but he also needed to guard the gate to ensure that people outside the gate would not suffer any harm.
Those are the people he cares about and loves deeply.
“I’m OK,” Yanagawa nodded, “I have arranged it.”
He gave Jiang Ning a deep look.
“But there is one thing, I must tell you clearly, you are not allowed to touch my daughter.”
“If you dare to bully her, I don’t want this Green Mountain Sect, I will fight with you too!”
Jiang Ning laughed.
“Your worries are superfluous.”
In his heart, there is only Lin Yuzhen. In his life, he only lives three words: Lin Yuzhen.
Other women, even if the gods descended from the earth, he wouldn’t even think about it.
Others can’t understand this kind of feeling, and Jiang Ning doesn’t need others to understand.
“The third condition…”
“Your conditions are too many, right?”
Liu Chuandao was a little displeased. He didn’t like Jiang Ning’s attitude and tone. It was clear that Jiang Ning should have asked for himself, but it seemed that he was the one who kept his voice low.
“Not much, it’s great value for you.”
Jiang Ning said lightly.
He stopped, did not continue, looking at Yanagawa Road, as if waiting for his response.
After a while, seeing Liu Chuandao take a deep breath, as if he had accepted his fate, Jiang Ning continued talking.
“The third condition is that I have enough right to speak in the Qingshan Sect!”

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