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Chapter: 2034

He Guanshi smiled and didn’t care about Jiang Ning’s cold face.
“The Sovereign has orders. Miss San has made significant progress in this assessment. Thank you very much.”
He clapped his hands. Outside the door, someone immediately came in with several boxes.
Liu Qing was dumbfounded.
It’s not bad for my father to compliment himself after the examination.
What does this have to do with Jiang Ning?
Although Jiang Ning helped with the training, it shouldn’t be such an exaggeration!
Seeing more than a dozen boxes moving in, the sound of heavy falling on the ground caused the dust to rise. How many things are inside?
“What’s in it, I won’t read it, it’s all vulgar things, and you might not be interested in listening.
He cares about everything, “I delivered the things, so I’ll go back and return first.”
After speaking, he left without looking back.
“and many more.”
Jiang Ning called to him.
Guan Shi turned his head and said with a smile: “What’s the matter, do I have something to bring to the lord?”
“Reactive merits are not rewarded.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to pay back so many valuable things.”
“Then don’t pay it back.”
Mr. He said, “This, in itself, is a prize. As long as you and the third lady are doing well, the sovereign will be relieved.
This is meaningful.
Even if Liu Qing was sluggish, she could still hear that the meaning was wrong.
This time it was not Jiang Ning who shouted, but Liu Qing, who directly grabbed Ho’s sleeve.
“What do you mean by this?”
“What makes us two good friends?”
“My father can rest assured? Why can he rest assured!”
She got excited as she spoke.
Is she really stupid?
She is just young, not low IQ.
“Miss San, this is the decision of the lord, I don’t know.”
He Guanshi smirked, “Why don’t you ask the lord?”
“Let’s go together.”
Jiang Ning got up, Liu Qing was even more shocked.
What are you doing again?
This matter is not more complicated.
“No, I mean…”
“Let’s go.”
Jiang Ning took a step to leave. Guan Shi seemed to have expected Jiang Ning to go. There was no surprise.
He led the way, Jiang Ning was behind him, and Liu Qing followed suit. He hesitated several times and wanted to speak, asking what was going on.
But Jiang Ning didn’t know, so she didn’t know how to say anything, she could only ask her father.
Several people arrived at the Sect Master’s Mansion.
Just as Liu Qing was about to go up, no matter what happened, stretched out his hand to stop her.
“Miss San, the lord is busy right now, I can’t see you yet.”
As he said, he turned his head and looked at Jiang Ning: “Please here.”
Liu Qing was dumbfounded.
Didn’t you say that your father is busy?
Can’t even see me, just see Jiang Ning?
Who is his child anyway?
“Hey! Hey!”
Liu Qing shouted, but no one paid any attention to her.
Jiang Ning followed He Guan and went straight in.
Liu Qing stomped his feet and wanted to rush in, but this was the lord’s mansion, the guard at the door would not care that she was the third lady, trespassing here, the consequences would be very serious.
She could only look at Jiang Ning’s back and disappear at the door.
On such a big matter, she, the client, didn’t even have a chance to ask, Jiang Ning went in instead.
But what does this have to do with him?
When Liu Qing thought about it, he felt blushing, what’s this all about.
How long have you known Jiang Ning?
Father wants to let himself follow him… how can this work.
I still don’t understand.
Liu Qing walked back and forth at the door, thinking wildly.
And then.
Yanagawa Road Study Room.
He sat there, looked up at Jiang Ning who walked in, and waved his hand.
Guan Shi shut the door immediately.
There are only two of them.
Jiang Ning did not notice anything, and sat down, facing Liu Chuandao.
“I have a few conditions,”
He is straight to the point, without a polite statement, just like he has known each other for many years, and he does not need politeness, “Fulfill my request, I will help you, otherwise, no talk.”

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