Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2031 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2031

“Win you?”
Jiang Ning looked at Luo Heng and shook his head, “Not interested.”
The understatement made Luo Heng’s lungs almost explode.
“I want to challenge you!”
He roared, and even before Jiang Ning refused, he stepped onto the ring again, staring straight at Jiang Ning.
The focus of the audience instantly fell on Jiang Ning.
They didn’t know where this kid came from, but seeing him close to Liu Qing, it was definitely not an ordinary person.
Luo Heng has already entered the ring, then Jiang Ning…does he dare?
He cares about the corner of his mouth without leaving a trace. He turned his head and glanced at Yanagawa in the stands. Seeing Yanagawa nodded slightly, he did not stop.
But I also know what the strength of this stranger is.
They really haven’t seen Jiang Ning really good at all.
At this moment, everyone’s eyes were on Jiang Ning.
Even Liu Qing looked at Jiang Ning curiously.
“Actually, he is pretty good.”
She deliberately said, “If you want to go up, you may be ashamed, or else, you still won’t go up?”
Such an inferior radical method.
Jiang Ning didn’t bother to pay attention to Liu Qing at all.
He got up, put his hands behind him, and walked towards the ring in Xianting.
Jiang Ning naturally knew that Liuchuandao was watching, those visitors were watching, and all the disciples in the audience were watching.
Da da da!
His steps are very slow, he is not in a hurry, he has never even raised his head to look at Luo Heng, as if this is just his own business.
“Come up!”
Luo Heng couldn’t wait, roaring, “Hurry up!”
But no matter what he said, Jiang Ning’s steps were so slow, he didn’t care about Luo Heng’s hysteria.
He is always at his own pace.
Others couldn’t see it, but what happened and the others, when they saw Jiang Ningmai’s steps, they were shocked!
That kind of steady footwork seems to have no regularity, but every step seems to step on a special rhythm, like a heavy beating on a person’s heart.
So mysterious!
How can this be?
He Guanshi’s expression was solemn. He clearly saw that Zhang Heng and several elders had different expressions on their faces.
Jiang Ning… really didn’t hide it at all.
What does this kid want to do?
Jiang Ning stepped onto the ring.
Luo Heng could only feel that there was something wrong with the air, as if it suddenly became thick, causing his breathing and movements to become stagnant.
This feeling was weird, but he didn’t think it had something to do with Jiang Ning.
“You have the guts to come up, which is really surprising.”
Luo Heng sneered, “The ignorant and arrogant boy has to pay a price, do you understand?”
Jiang Ning’s hands were still attached behind him, and he was tall and straight. He looked at Luo Heng lightly, and slowly stretched out a hand.
“What do you mean?”
Luo Heng’s expression changed. What does Jiang Ning mean by extending a hand?
Does he think that he can win himself with one hand?
“Hurry up, my tea is going to be cold.”
Jiangning Road.
“you wanna die!”
No matter how good his temper, he was so humiliated by Jiang Ning, one after another, how could he bear it?
Boom boom boom!
Luo Heng was crazy, waving his fists, and instantly burst out his strongest strength!
“go to hell!”
The anger almost burned him. There was only Jiang Ning in his eyes. He just wanted to smash Jiang Ning to vent his anger.
Everyone was shocked by a punch!
What a terrible boxing technique!
Luo Heng… Is this trying to kill Jiang Ning?
He really wanted to kill Jiang Ning!
Shot is the ultimate move!
“Luo Heng, no!”
He can’t help but say.
This is the ultimate move of the Green Mountain Sect, and Luo Heng has practiced this move to a very high level. It is too inappropriate for him to use it in the ring.
He was about to stop, but he just took a step and stopped there abruptly.
Because he saw Luo Heng…fly out!

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