Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2030 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2030

His great disciple in the inner courtyard has even reserved the list of the front hall. If he wants to become the disciple of the elder, will he lose to an unknown person?
He doesn’t believe it!
Luo Heng wanted to ask again, Zhang Heng had ignored him.
The look of disappointment and disdain made Luo Heng almost explode!
When has he been so despised?
As the proud son of heaven, Luo Heng always has a halo in him. In this Green Mountain Sect, he consciously is the leader of the younger generation, even within the entire mountain gate, compared with other sect disciples, it is not bad.
Myself…how do I lose to an unknown person!
“A*****e! A*****e!”
Luo Heng said angrily.
However, no one cared what he thought or his expression.
He lost.
In the eyes of outsiders, he did not lose to Jiang Ning, but to Liu Qing. They saw with their own eyes that he was beaten by Liu Qing.
Others did not react, and seemed to be unable to believe all this.
But all this happened in reality.
“When did Miss San become so powerful?”
“Senior Brother Luo lost… he was careless, right.”
“Above the ring, it’s not careless. If you lose, you lose. You lose in front of so many people.”
The people around him talked a lot, and Luo Heng felt even more uncomfortable.
Even if his face is calm, even with a hint of smile, as if he has a general demeanor and does not care about winning or losing, the anger in his heart has already rushed into his eyes and swept crazy!
When Liu Qing walked to Jiang Ning, she couldn’t suppress the joy in her heart.
She herself couldn’t believe it, she actually… really won.
“Isn’t it normal?”
Jiang Ning smiled, “He is not strong at all.”
Jiang Ning’s voice is not loud, but Luo Heng can hear it clearly!
“who are you!”
He couldn’t bear it anymore, and it broke out in an instant, the sound was like a huge thunder, and the audience was silent.
“What a big tone!”
Luo Heng fingered Jiang Ning, and roared, “Junior Sister beat me, everyone knows that I am merciful. What qualifications do you have for being ridiculed here?”
Shameless, even said that he was merciful.
Few people felt that Luo Heng was really merciful. At best, he didn’t take Liu Qing and underestimate the enemy.
But no one dared to refute what he said.
They also didn’t expect that Jiang Ning would dare to say such things, saying that Luo Heng was not good.
These words… disciples in the Green Mountain Sect, who dare to say?
“I’m just telling the truth.”
Jiang Ning glanced at Luo Heng and said lightly.
From Jiang Ning’s point of view, Luo Heng can only be said to be average, even Chen Long can’t compare with him. The first disciple of the inner courtyard, he is indeed a misnomer.
But to Luo Heng, this is a provocation!
Naked provocation!
If he doesn’t respond, he won’t be able to look up in his life!
“Too arrogant!”
Luo Heng sneered, “You are so arrogant, do you think that you are better than me? You can beat me too?”
Jiang Ning suddenly laughed.
Liu Qing froze for a moment, and immediately smiled.
If she didn’t know Jiang Ning’s details, she might still be worried, but Jiang Ning could improve herself by just pointing at herself at will. Then Liu Qing didn’t know how strong Jiang Ning was, but she knew in her heart.
She knew that Jiang Ning would never tell lies.
In the eyes of others, Jiang Ning is finished.
This arrogant guy is going to be unlucky today.
It is very unwise to even dare to stimulate Luo Heng and anger him when he is furious.
Luo Heng just lost to Liu Qing.
Even if everyone knows that in terms of real strength, Liu Qing will definitely not be able to keep up with Luo Heng, and Luo Heng will naturally be very upset if he loses.
Jiang Ning… even to provoke him, not knowing whether he lives or die?

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