Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2029 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2029

“How did she do it? It’s too fast, I didn’t even see it clearly, she was obviously down.”
Liu Qing didn’t care what these people’s eyes were, whether they were suspicious or surprised, shocked or not understanding, she herself was still in a trance.
This trick to control the enemy was given to him by Jiang Ning, and he told himself from the beginning to retain his strength.
She heard that in the face of a master like Luo Heng, she should have tried her best as soon as she took the shot, and there was no right to retain strength.
But she still listened to Jiang Ning’s request, especially when she chose the timing, she followed Jiang Ning’s words strictly.
At the moment when Luo Heng was knocked out of the ring with a punch, Liu Qing was shocked.
“I won.”
Liu Qing sat in front of Jiang Ning.
“I saw.”
Jiang Ning said, “Congratulations.”
Liu Qing nodded, and the conversation between the two ended here, without a word.
She needs time to calm her mood, and even more need to think about how all this happened.
Even if it happened to her, she did it herself, Liu Qing still couldn’t understand.
She just did what Jiang Ning said, and there was such a result.
This cannot prove how powerful he is, only that Jiang Ning is unfathomable!
The next assessment is nothing to see.
There is no doubt that Liu Qing can get the top three results.
She doesn’t even need to take the stage to compete again, defeating Luo Heng is enough to prove her progress.
From a distance, Zhang Heng’s whole body was a little sluggish.
“Dean, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect this to be the result.”
Luo Heng was a little unwilling to say, “This is too unexpected, I didn’t know that Junior Sister would even use this trick, so mysterious…”
“My Green Mountain Sect, I don’t have this trick.”
Even if he killed him, he would never have thought that Liu Qing could perform such a move.
After all, as long as Liu Qing knows the moves in the Qingshan sect, he will definitely do it, and he is more proficient than Liu Qing.
So he never put Liu Qing in his eyes. That kind of absolutely crushing posture is what he should have, but the result…
Being beaten by Liu Qing and flew off the ring, this made him lose everyone!
“You really didn’t disappoint me!”
Zhang Heng gritted his teeth.
He trembled with anger, pointed at Luo Heng and wanted to say more, but he held back, “Humph!”
After all, Luo Heng would enter the front hall in the future and become a disciple of the great elder. He doesn’t care about it, but there is no need to offend another person.
Luo Heng was equally uncomfortable.
Things that have the chance to win, but lose.
“Let me tell you, you didn’t lose to Liu Qing,”
Zhang Heng snorted and sneered, “but lose to that guy!”
Following his line of sight, Luo Heng saw Jiang Ning, and his pupils suddenly shrank.
There was some disdain in his tone.
At first glance, Jiang Ning was unremarkable, nothing special at all. He looked young, and maybe he was not too old, so why did he lose to him?
“Liu Qing, he taught him. After only a month of teaching, you lose. If you are against him, you won’t be able to hold on to it!”
Zhang Heng was deliberately exaggerating, which made Luo Heng unconvinced and his eyes became red.
Can’t stick to a trick?
“Who is he?”
Luo Heng gritted his teeth and asked.
Zhang Heng sneered, but didn’t say anything. He just glanced at Luo Heng. His expression, disdain, disappointment, and a trace of sarcasm fell into Luo Heng’s eyes.
Let the anger in Luo Heng’s heart burst out instantly!

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