Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2028 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2028

The audience is silent again!
Deathly silent!
Even the slight breathing sound was infinitely amplified, extremely harsh.
All this happened too fast.
He Guan was confused, standing there did not react, did not even see how Liu Qing counterattacked, defeating the enemy with one move, and knocked Luo Heng out of the ring.
According to the rules, if you fall into the ring, you just lose!
On the stands, Liu Chuandao was also shocked, and with a scream, he stood up directly, staring at Liu Qing, the solemn expression on his face gradually turned into a smile, and then suddenly he burst into laughter.
The rest of the disciples off the court were all dumbfounded, with eggs in their mouths, and it took a long time to recover.
Luo Heng…he lost?
He was not defeated in strength by Liu Qing, but he was beaten to the ring, which was far more embarrassing than his defeat by Liu Qing.
He just… but he’s so arrogant, but arrogant!
But now, Luo Heng has lost!
Luo Heng got up and stood on the ring, looking up at Liu Qing standing on the ring, his expression was a bit sluggish.
In his mind, he was still thinking about Liu Qing’s move just now.
I… Lost?
I actually lost!
He couldn’t accept it, and his face was flushed.
But in his mind, thinking of the trick Liu Qing had just performed was too fast, and not only fast, he felt that this trick was designed for himself.
Too… amazing, right?
“This trick,”
It took Luo Heng a long time to react, his face still unwilling, but he calmed down a lot.
He looked at Liu Qing and muttered, “Who taught you this trick?”
Luo Heng didn’t think Liu Qing had the ability to come up with such a move.
From the beginning, she was acting, deliberately tempting herself to be fooled, subconsciously imagining Liu Qing’s strength as he thought.
But in fact, Liu Qing even dared to save her strength!
She faces herself, dare to retain her strength?
“Who taught you this?”
Luo Heng asked again, but Liu Qing didn’t say a word, just turned his head and looked at what is still in a daze.
She disdains.
When Luo Heng despised himself, he lost his respect for him.
“Liu Qingsheng.”
Guan Shi took a deep breath and announced.
All this happened too quickly, too unexpectedly, and it was hard to respond.
No matter what it takes to deal with things, there is still a little unfinished at the moment, that trick…
It must be taught by Jiangning!
One defense and one offense, quick conversion, not to mention Liu Qing, even he would not have thought of it.
Especially in the last attack, there were many changes. Liu Qing just didn’t understand it, so why can you see that under such ever-changing changes, it can really be regarded as a killer move!
By surprise, you can control the enemy with one move!
Of course, facing the same person, it can only be used once.
Either a surprise win, or there will never be a second chance, the opponent will kill you directly and decisively!
Liu Qing won.
This is a result that no one expected.
“I didn’t expect the third lady to make such a big progress, Sect Master Liu,”
Someone spoke and said with a smile, “No wonder Sect Master Liu has always had confidence. It’s really amazing.”
“you flatter me.”
Yanagawa said nothing.
He was equally surprised, very surprised.
But thinking of Jiang Ning, it seems that there is a connection with this outsider, everything is normal, everything is justified.
Yana Chuando glanced at Jiang Ning, Jiang Ning did not respond, as if nothing special happened at all.
It wasn’t until Liu Qing stepped off the ring that the audience broke out.
“Impossible! Is this an illusion?”
“Really, it’s true, Brother Luo Heng was beaten by her! It’s incredible!”

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