Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2027 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2027

Liu Qing now at least understands what he should do, but it just needs more time.
The result of this assessment has already come out.
The disciples off the court seemed to have seen the result one by one. Seeing Liu Qing’s fiasco, he walked down the ring with red eyes and was finally driven to the outer courtyard…
And only Jiang Ning.
He sat there, the expression on his face, from beginning to end, there was no change.
Jiang Ning looked at Liu Qing on the ring, and said in his heart: “This is going to be in the city. She is the queen. The acting is really good.”
With a loud noise, Liu Qing flew out and slid on the ground for several steps before he could stand firm.
The crazier she was, the more Luo Heng downplayed it, as if he wanted to tell Liu Qing that no matter how hard she worked, it would be of no avail in front of him.
The ending is already doomed.
“Junior sister, you can try to attack me from behind, otherwise, you won’t have any chance.”
Luo Heng said, “I can pretend I didn’t see you and let you run behind me. Do you think this is okay?”
Those light words, like needles, pierced Liu Qing’s heart fiercely!
She suddenly roared, venting her anger, and waving her fists faster.
Luo Heng laughed loudly, and while trying to resolve it, he said: “Sister sister, don’t be angry, brother is joking with you.”
He saw it, Liu Qing was angry, even a little irrational, and even her moves were a bit deformed.
In battle, being easily influenced by others’ emotions is not just a question of strength, but also a question of mentality.
Luo Heng punched out, and Liu Qing hurriedly used both hands to block, but he was still shocked by the powerful force and backed away several steps.
“Okay, Junior Sister, I can’t continue playing with you. It’s not you who I want to win.”
Luo Heng had no patience.
He should have ended the battle long ago.
After some testing, he could conclude that Liu Qing’s strength stopped here, and there was still a big gap between himself.
It doesn’t mean anything to play with her anymore.
Suddenly, Luo Heng speeded up, still seemingly light and fluttering, but the strength of his fists instantly increased!
He wants a punch to end this competition!
Everyone knows that this assessment and competition is over from the beginning, Liu Qing…
Everyone was watching, Luo Heng approached Liu Qing, his fist was about to hit Liu Qing’s shoulder, but suddenly—
Liu Qing is gone!
At that moment, I don’t know how many people, the blood boiled all over.
What a fast response speed!
How can this be?
That’s Luo Heng’s fist!
Even Luo Heng himself did not expect that this punch would have failed.
Liu Qing is clear, there is no way to hide.
He was about to raise his fist to come back and attack again, but he felt a gust of wind rushing from his chin!
“Brother, have you seen a fist with a big sandbag?”
As soon as the voice fell, Liu Qing’s fist, from bottom to top, slammed Luo Heng’s chin, and suddenly, he clicked——
With a crisp sound, Luo Heng yelled, his jaw was broken!
Before he could react, Liu Qing seemed crazy, punching three times in succession, as fast as lightning!
A fist hit Luo Heng’s nose, causing his nose to splatter, and his vision suddenly blurred!
A punch hit Luo Heng’s shoulder, making him unable to lift his right hand for a short time!
And the last punch hit Luo Heng’s heart hard!
too fast!
Liu Qing’s reaction speed is so fast, everything is between the electric light and flint, and the moment he avoids Luo Heng’s fist, three punches are blasted out.
Control the enemy with one move!
Luo Heng flew out, rolled two laps in the ring, and fell straight down, without time to react.

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