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Chapter: 2026

No matter who the opponent is, Jiang Ning always reacted like this.
Even if Zhang Heng went off in person, Jiang Ning did the same.
Of course, if Zhang Heng really did it, Liu Qing had no chance of winning. Jiang Ning was confident, but not Liu Qing. If Zhang Heng ended, Jiang would rather not sit idly by.
Liu Qing took a deep breath, the expression on her face gradually became firm.
She stepped onto the ring step by step, which seemed completely different from the past.
The atmosphere becomes different instantly!
The audience’s attention!
“I didn’t expect it to be such an arrangement, Liu Qing has no chance of winning.”
“It’s Brother Luo, whoever goes up has to lose.”
“It seems that the third lady is definitely going to the outer courtyard, hahaha.”
“Be quiet, do you dare to laugh out?”

No one is optimistic about Liu Qing, they have no reason to be optimistic about Liu Qing, let alone optimistic about Liu Qing.
Because Liu Qing’s opponent is Luo Heng!
Is the best disciple in the inner courtyard!
It is Zhang Heng’s proud disciple, and he has already booked Luo Heng to enter the front hall to become the disciple of the great elder!
“Junior Sister.”
Luo Heng showed a smile, but in this smile, he was disdainful and completely indifferent. “You can give up. This way, it will look better.”
Give up, still look good?
Will it look good in front of so many people?
Liu Qing was expressionless, even if she rolled off the ring today, she would definitely not be able to admit defeat.
She slowly raised her hand and made the starting pose, Luo Heng smiled directly.
“Since Junior Sister doesn’t want to admit defeat, then I can accompany you to practice hand training.
The contempt in Luo Heng’s tone did not conceal the slightest, that kind of calmness, unlike Jiang Ning’s, he did not put Liu Qing in his eyes at all!
Liu Qing didn’t say a word, just a little bit below his feet, and he swept out at the extreme speed.
She punches with a long punch, which is her usual move, much faster than before, but in front of Luo Heng, it is still slow.
Luo Heng easily blocked this punch, without even taking a step back, directly with his hands, shaking Liu Qing almost unable to stand.
“Sister, there is progress.”
Luo Heng smiled and said, “But this punch should not be attacked here. It will be better if it is three inches lower.”
He pointed to the position of his heart and deliberately guided Liu Qing to hit his own heart, but in fact, Liu Qing never even had the chance to touch his weakness.
Liu Qing’s face was slightly blue, still silent.
Being so despised by others, she would have gone crazy long ago!
She even started her temper, trying to bully others.
But today, she just didn’t speak, stood firm on her feet, and rushed over again.
She kept waving her fists and tried her best to attack Luo Heng frantically. Even if every move would be easily resolved by Luo Heng, she was shaken back a few steps.
“The gap is too big.”
Guan Shi stood not far away and sighed in his heart.
He can of course see that Liu Qing’s progress is not small, but after all, time is too short.
Even if Jiang Ning, a stranger from the sky, is a wizard, there is no way to turn decay into magic, and Liu Qing can surpass Luo Heng in a short time.
The gods dare not say that they can do it.
The gap between the two was too great, Liu Qing was like a child in front of Luo Heng, and was determined to lose.
He glanced at it subconsciously, and Jiang Ning, who was drinking tea leisurely in the audience, couldn’t help but frowned.
In this situation, Jiang Ning still has tea at leisure?
He is too comfortable to sit still.
Even Yanagawa in the stands couldn’t help shaking his head slightly.
He was very pleased with Liu Qing’s progress. He saw with his own eyes how hard and desperate Liu Qing was to improve his strength.
However, talent is one aspect. To fulfill talent, it takes not only hard work, but also time.

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