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Chapter: 2024

Jiang Ning’s self-confidence is not pretentious, and does not even require exaggerated expressions and arrogant words.
He just sat there, indifferently speaking, can give people this feeling.
Liu Qing was slightly in a daze.
Because she had never seen such a person.
Right in front of Jiang Ning, the feeling could not be described in words at all. It was shock, heartbeat, admiration, and a trace of… admiration.
Liu Qing didn’t know how to describe the complicated emotions.
“Next, the second round!”
Guanshi shouted loudly.
Everyone’s eyes were immediately attracted by the ring.
The second round.
In other words, those who were eliminated in the first round failed to pass this time. Liu Qing knows how he feels.
She has experienced it more than once.
But this time, she was lucky and passed the first round.
No, this is not luck, this is the result you should get after hard work.
“The next group, Chen Long, play against Li Wei!”
The voice of Mr. He sounded.
Suddenly, the audience was boiling, and they all turned to look at Chen Long and Li Wei in the distance.
How could it be them?
Among the first three disciples in the inner courtyard, apart from Luo Heng, they are Chen Long and Li Wei.
Luo Heng is the only one, and Chen Long and Li Wei are the same, Qihoo is the same. It’s impossible to say who is the second. How could they arrange for them to meet in the second round?
Isn’t that two tigers fighting, there will be one defeat?
The purpose of this time is not just for assessment, otherwise it can be placed at any time, so why bother today, when there are visitors to the Green Mountain Sect.
Everyone was a little surprised, and couldn’t help but look at Yana Chuandao in the stands, wondering why he made this arrangement.
Even Zhang Heng looked up at Yanagawa.
When everyone saw Zhang Heng’s eyes, they knew that even the dean of the inner courtyard didn’t seem to know.
But Liu Chuandao was expressionless, no one knew better than him, this was not his arrangement, but Zhang Heng’s own arrangement.
He naturally wouldn’t say.
No matter what Zhang Heng arranges, he will not interfere. Zhang Heng will take care of everything in the assessment of the inner courtyard. He will not care, let alone intervene in this kind of time to give Zhang Heng a handle.
Chen Long and Li Wei stepped onto the ring, and there was light in each other’s eyes.
In the eyes of outsiders, the two of them are of equal strength, neither of them accepts the other, it is impossible to easily bow their heads and admit that their opponent is stronger than themselves.
Today, this is the best opportunity!
“Chen Long, today, we just happen to be able to go higher and lower.”
Li Wei smiled and arched his hands, “Thanks a lot!”
As soon as the voice fell, two people started to work at the same time, and the speed was amazing.
There was a thunderous noise just after the contact!
The ring trembled suddenly.
The violent fist strength shook people’s eardrums.
So strong!
Everyone couldn’t help exclaiming that these two people are considered masters in the inner courtyard. Among the young generation, they are absolutely outstanding. Apart from Luo Heng, they are the two.
Entering the front hall in the future and being accepted as disciples of the front hall by the elders is a certainty.
On the stage, the fighting was fierce, and when it started, the fighting started, and even everything in charge stood far away without affecting their performance.
In the audience, everyone held their breath and watched them carefully. Watching this is the most exciting and fiercest battle assessment today.
Liu Qing did the same, staring at the two people on the ring, the light in his eyes was a little complicated.
“So strong!”
This was the idea in her heart.
Compared with them, what I used to be is really much worse.
What makes her most terrifying is that she once did not even see that the gap between herself and them would be so big.
In just one month, she can see a lot now.
She turned her head and glanced at Jiang Ning: “Who will win the two of them?”

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