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Chapter: 2023

This is not only for the audiences in the stands, but also for Yanagawa Road and the elders.
The second round, start!
The atmosphere of the scene suddenly became different.
Even those who were eliminated in the first round have adjusted their mentality at this moment and continue to watch the second round.
There is no doubt that what everyone looks forward to most is still Liu Qing’s performance.
At this moment, on the ring, there were two rivals of Qihoo, who were fighting fiercely. The sound of the collision between the fists and feet was loud.
“They are amazing.”
Liu Qing stared, and couldn’t help but speak, “I didn’t take it seriously before. I just saw it today and it seems that I realized that they paid more than I usually do.”
In terms of talent, I might be better than them, but in terms of hard work, except for the recent period, I can’t compare with them at all.
Before, she always felt that others could target herself, but Yana Chuando ignored her and scolded herself for not working hard enough.
Now it seems that Yanagawa really made no mistake.
“Acquired effort can sometimes exceed innate talent,”
Jiang Ning said, “Of course, it’s difficult, choose one in a million.”
“But working hard can change a lot of things. At least, there are not many people in the same sect, and they have reached the point where they are talented.”
Liu Qing replayed what Jiang Ning said in his mind, and felt more and more that Jiang Ning looked young, but what he experienced and said always seemed to make sense.
She wanted to ask, how old is Jiang Ning, and is she young, but the actual age is already 50 or 60?
Otherwise, how could he have such experience?
“With hard work, can you stand out?”
Liu Qing asked.
“Generally speaking, it’s not time to fight for talent,”
Jiang Ning pointed to the two people on the ring, “They have the same talents and the same level of effort, but in fact, there are still some differences.”
“What are the differences?”
“Within three moves, the yellow suit wins.”
Jiang Ning did not say clearly, but changed the method.
Liu Qing immediately stared at the ring.
At this moment, on the ring, the yellow-clothed person was being frantically attacked, pressed and beaten by the opponent, and kept backing up, almost to the edge of the ring, two steps back, but he was about to lose!
Jiang Ning actually said that he would win?
Just when the man in yellow clothes was about to stomped through the air and fell off the ring, he suddenly squatted down and kicked his back foot!
The whole person looked like a cannonball and slammed into the opponent. This unexpected outbreak was surprising, and the opponent did not react.
But the yellow clothes blasted out with a punch, hit the opponent’s chest heavily, and with a slap, he directly knocked the person out of the ground and landed on the ground, coughing again and again, opening his mouth so that he could squirt blood, unable to stand up!
There was a shout from the audience. They didn’t expect it to be so reversed before they reacted. The yellow-clothed people have been waiting for the opportunity, even deliberately pretending to fall into the disadvantage, step by step to lead the opponent into the trap, only attacking not defending. Neutral is exposed.
“This is consciousness.”
Jiang Ning said, “The dexterity I taught you is the same.”
“Exactly the same?”
Liu Qing’s heart beating violently, she didn’t believe it, but felt it a long time ago.
I just don’t know that this kind of thing can be obtained through training.
“Of course it can’t be exactly the same.”
Jiang Ning snorted and said lightly, “How do they compare to me?”
He spoke very calmly, without any disdain or contempt, but he didn’t care at all. The indifference made Liu Qing feel a kind of self-confidence to the extreme!
Jiang Ning… seems to have always been so confident!

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