Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2022 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2022

Always win!
This is Jiangning’s request to Liu Qing.
It’s not even a requirement, it’s just a matter of course after hard training.
Liu Qing nodded.
“I know.”
She didn’t talk much, she raised her head and glanced at Yanagawa, who was sitting above, still holding a breath in her heart.
What she wants is not to prove how amazing she is, what she wants to do is to tell everyone that what she lost will definitely get back by herself!
The assessment is continuing.
Several groups went to the ring in succession, but the fight was fierce and indistinguishable, but everyone’s attention had already been transferred to Liu Qing.
It’s not that I look forward to her winning, but I want to see when Liu Qing will lose.
Because they didn’t believe that Liu Qing was so powerful, Liu Fang must have been merciful on purpose just now, it must be so.
Liu Qing, who lost miserably in the last assessment, easily defeated Liu Fang this time.
If Liu Fang deliberately released the water, who would dare to believe it?
Liu Qing didn’t care, she didn’t look at other people’s reactions at all. What she had to do was herself, without looking at anyone’s reactions.
“Luo Hengsheng!”
Guanshi shouted loudly.
“Senior Brother Luo is too good! This time he won the first place, so there is no suspense.”
“He was number one last time, and Brother Chen probably will be a bit close.”
“Anyway, they must be no problem in the first three. Brother Luo is the first, and certainly no problem. The others are not important anymore.”
The people around were talking, and their faces were full of compliments.
This kind of compliment, they can’t wait to be heard by Luo Heng, if the brother is happy, give them some pointers, that would be great luck.
But Luo Heng didn’t care about these compliments, he had long been used to it.
Along the way, he is a gifted child, and he has never been less appreciated and praised since he was a child.
Where does he care about this?
Luo Heng stepped out of the ring and didn’t even look at his opponent again. He simply looked down on this kind of opponent. If Zhang Heng hadn’t let him participate, he would have no interest at all.
Seeing Zhang Heng beckoning to himself, Luo Heng immediately walked over.
“The Dean.”
Luo Heng respectfully said.
“Luo Heng, you are my best disciple, I did not misunderstand you.”
Zhang Heng smiled and said, “Today’s assessment, my inner courtyard is relying on you to keep your face. Those foreign guests are watching and showing us the Green Mountain Sect.”
“Yes, I understand.”
“No, you don’t understand,”
Zhang Heng smiled, his gaze fell on Liu Qing’s face in the distance, then turned his head and looked at Luo Heng who was a little stunned, “I want you to do something.”
“President, please say.”
“I want you……”
Zhang Heng lowered his voice and said in Luo Heng’s ear, Luo Heng suddenly showed a touch of embarrassment.
“No problem, it’s done. This is a great achievement. What you can get in the future is far beyond your imagination.”
Zhang Heng smiled and patted Luo Heng on the shoulder, “When did I lie to you?”
“Yes, Luo Heng understands.”
Luo Heng nodded immediately.
All three of them were asked by Zhang Heng to participate. For the other two, Zhang Heng didn’t warn him much. He was so serious about himself, so naturally he couldn’t live up to Zhang Heng.
After speaking, Luo Heng walked away quickly.
Zhang Heng squinted his eyes and stared at Liu Qing and Jiang Ning in the distance, his eyes finally fell on Jiang Ning, and a fierce light flashed deep in his eyes!
If you don’t try, how can you know Jiang Ning’s bottom line?
On the ring.
Guanshi He glanced at the list, then smiled and said, “The strengths that everyone has shown are excellent, which makes people shine.”
“But it’s not enough, we haven’t really demonstrated the strength of our Green Mountain Sect!”
“You are all the talented children of the Green Mountain Sect. It is the future of the Green Mountain Sect. Next, use your strongest strength!”
“Immediately, enter the second round!”
The sound of anything in charge, like thunder, echoed in everyone’s ears.

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