Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2019 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2019

This is the simplest and most direct way.
Passing the basic assessment is only the most basic requirement, and most people can pass it, but in actual combat, it is to look at the strength and luck on the ground.
The opponents Liu Qing has encountered these few times are extremely strong, and every time she loses thoroughly.
She even complained about Liu Chuandao, why knowing that others are deliberately targeting herself and arranging strong opponents for herself, she never said a word, only to blame herself for not working hard enough and not strong enough.
Now, Liu Qing seems to understand.
The first game ended soon.
The two had just played, but a few of them met and the result came out.
There was a tumult in the audience, staring at the people standing on the ring, eyes full of admiration and envy.
“Senior Brother Luo is too strong, he doesn’t need to participate.”
“Yes, Brother Luo and the others are sure to be able to enter the front hall, and they also participate in the assessment, just to show the strength of our inner courtyard in front of foreign guests!”
“But they are on the court, where else can anyone have a chance? Hey.”
There was a lot of discussion among the people around, Liu Qing just frowned, and she didn’t seem to have any mood swings.
She stared at the people on the ring, knowing that she would meet these people sooner or later.
She wants to defeat them one by one!
Sitting next to Liu Qing, Jiang Ning had no expression from beginning to end, calm and composed, as if watching a group of children play.
He ignored Liu Qing.
He glanced at the brother Luo on the ring, and shook his head.
“Is the strength within the gate of this kind of level?”
According to Jiang Ning’s guess, the level within this mountain gate will certainly not be low. Just like the guardian said, the super masters are so powerful that they are so powerful that they are incomprehensible.
But it is clear that these disciples do not belong to this category of people.
At best, they only have the strength of the Great Master level. Outside the mountain gate, they can indeed run wildly, but in front of Jiang Ning, it is far behind.
Not to mention that Jiang Ning, who is in control of Ji Dao Fist, and has already entered the world, is the former Jiang Ning, and they are not opponents.
“The next group, Liu Qing, to Liu Fang!”
Guanshi He called out Liu Qing’s name loudly.
Liu Qing’s body trembled slightly, and it was on her own!
Finally, it’s myself.
She squeezed her fist and turned to look at Jiang Ning.
Jiang Ning just took out the tea cup and poured her a cup of tea: “It’s a bit hot, come down and drink.”
Liu Qing’s eyes suddenly became red.
No matter how he was before, in the short time he knew Jiang Ning, Jiang Ning has always believed in himself, constantly encouraged himself, and gave himself confidence.
He never said that he could not do it, but always believed that he would never lose!
She bit her lip and slowly walked onto the ring. Opposite, Liu Fang was already standing there with a smile on her face, and she was relieved.
In the first encounter with Liu Qing, at least he can pass it steadily, even if he loses to Senior Brother Luo in the end, there is no shame.
“Really lucky.”
Liu Fang whispered, “Sister, don’t blame brother.”
Liu Qing didn’t speak, but just stood there, glanced at Liu Fang, slowly stretched out his hand, and opened his posture.
Liu Fang was taken aback by that calm and calm posture, and immediately, he felt that he was underestimated, and his face suddenly sank.
Liu Fang snorted softly and rushed out, “Junior Sister, offended!”
Furious like a dragon!
He didn’t leave any hands, he burst out his strongest strength as soon as he shot.
He knew very well what Liu Qing’s weakness was, she couldn’t avoid it at all.
This punch can make her lose!
call out–!

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