Billionaire God of War Chapter: 2018 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2018

Didn’t they pass the assessment long ago?
Liu Qing was startled.
“what happened?”
Seeing her expression change, Jiang Ning asked.
Liu Qing’s gaze passed, and several people were in front of Zhang Heng, nodding their heads, not knowing what they were talking about.
Looking at the mouth shape from a distance, you can probably tell that they will also participate in this assessment, “They have all passed the assessment, and they can basically be locked into the front hall, why should they participate in the assessment?”
She didn’t understand, but she seemed to understand it all at once.
These people deliberately don’t want to pass the assessment!
The assessment is not only based on strength, but also on luck.
The same group of people can only be recognized with the top three results, and the strength of those three people is clearly far beyond their own.
They participate in…
Liu Qing took a deep breath, angrily surged into his heart, and he rushed over as he said, asking them what they wanted to do and why they wanted to participate?
“No matter who your opponent is, you will never lose.”
She had just taken a step, Jiang Ning said calmly, “It’s better for them to participate.”
“Step on them, prove yourself, better.”
Liu Qing turned his head and looked at Jiang Ning for five seconds.
She calmed down slowly and nodded, but the light in her eyes became clearer and clearer, with a certain determination!
At that time.
Zhang Heng looked at his proud students and nodded.
“Do you know what you should do?”
“Knowing the dean, this matter is nothing. We will win the top three and let them see how strong our inner courtyard is.”
“Yes, this group of juniors and younger sisters are not high in strength. We can’t let others read the jokes. We will do our best!”
“Please rest assured, the dean, we will not insult the authority of the inner court!”
When the three people saw the visitors in the stands, they naturally didn’t want to be in front of outsiders, which made people underestimate the strength of the inner courtyard.
When there are outsiders, they represent not just the inner courtyard, but the Green Mountain Sect!
“Okay, I believe you.”
Zhang Heng nodded and said with a smile, “Let those people see how talented the young generation of our Qingshan Sect are!”
He solemnly encouraged.
The three shouted in unison.
After speaking, the three of them went to prepare, and Zhang Heng stood there, squinting, with a smile on his face.
With the three of them, even if Liu Qing can pass the assessment, he will not be able to get the top three, which is of little significance.
In this way, a girl who has no talent, no future, and even no blood relationship with her suzerain, what is the value besides getting married in exchange for resources?
As long as Liu Qing married out and allowed her to enter the Green Mountain Sect with a proper identity, then this step would be considered a success.
The other elders are probably watching, but as long as they take this step, everything will be different.
“This Green Mountain Sect was once glorious, but now it is crumbling.”
Zhang Heng shook his head with a sneer on his face, “The Green Mountain Sect has collapsed, and the mountain gate can be opened. The outside world…”
His eyes are full of greed, and that kind of desire has never been seen before!
They have never been to the outside world, but all kinds of rumors can know that the outside world is full of treasures and resources that stimulate people to go crazy…
If it weren’t for this mountain gate, who could stop them?
Zhang Heng turned his head and glanced at Liu Qing not far away.
Everything started with this guy.
The drum beats again!
The assessment has officially begun!
Liu Chuandao didn’t talk nonsense, just let He Guanshi make arrangements for them, and he sat there with the guests from afar.
“let’s start.”
He Guanshi stood on the ring, glanced at Liu Chuando, nodded at each other, and immediately, he said loudly.
Soon, the first group of opponents took the stage.
The assessment of the Green Mountain Sect is very simple, in addition to the basic assessment, it is actual combat!

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