Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 289

Chapter 47

discuss casually.

A couple of hours passed and the night was now catching up on them but they didn‘t even notice. Broderick and Elva were so engrossed in their sweet discussion.

Broderick‘s phone rang and seeing that the caller ID was Amy, he answered it, “Broderick, where have you been?”

Amy had anticipated for Broderick‘s presence for a very long time but he didn‘t see him until this moment so she had to call him.

“You were rude to me and you need to apologize,” Brod erick said.

“Or what? You won‘t come home?” Amy asked.

“You used to be humble, what suddenly happened?” Broderick‘s voice was calm.

“You are making it look like I was the one that is wrong. How did you expect me to feel seeing a woman dressing like her main intent is to seduce you. You may not know but I‘m a woman and I can easily tell. Decent secretary don‘t dress that way.”

Broderick sighed but didn‘t say any word.

“When are you coming home?” Amy asked after a couple of seconds.

“I don‘t know, I need to go now,” Broderick hung the call up and dropped his phone on the table. He felt like Amy was nagging.

18 22 “Are you fine, sir?” Elva asked, seeing the distressed look


on Broderick’s face.

“I will be,” Broderick said and asked,” where do we pause our discussion?” He asked and Elva reminded him then they continued discussing again.

Amy couldn‘t even sit, she was just going to and fro won dering where Broderick could have gone to after work. She then texted someone who could help trace the location of an active line and told the man to find where Broderick‘s Loca tion is.

The man demanded for money first and she paid the man instantly, a few minutes later, the man sent a text message of the hotel name that Broderick was.

Amy’s heart skipped. Broderick is in an hotel? A remem brance of the day she caught Callan and his secretary having *** in the hotel rushed to her memory and she wondered if she was about to experience such heartbreak?

Could Broderick be cheating on her? Although they were not married yet, they would be having their wedding in a few days time and are expected to be faithful to eachother.

She drove immediately to the hotel and on getting there, she called the man who helped her track Broderick‘s location and asked,” how do I know where he is exactly at the hotel?”

“Hang on,” the man navigated his computer and then said,” I think where he is looks like a restaurant, not sure though but the diagram here looks like a restaurant, check it firstly.”

“Okay,” Amy said, wondering why Broderick would come to the restaurant of an hotel? To eat or what? Broderick eats


at home after work.

Amy began to waddle towards the restaurant, she sud denly sighted Broderick happily having a discussion with a woman. The woman was backing her but her long hair was fa miliar.

Amy‘s heart sunk to her belly that the phone in her hand almost fall off.

“Have you found him?” The man who was on phone asked but she hung up the call without answering.

Broderick brought a woman here to eat? Amy felt a sharp pain in her heart that she almost lost balance. She felt so heartbroken but walked towards Broderick nevertheless.

When she got before them, Broderick was stunned to see her. Amy ignored him and realizing that the lady before him was his secretary hurts her badly.

What is it with CEO and their secretary? She looked at Broderick and smirked painfully, she felt like her heart was be ing butchered.

“You abandoned me at home and came here to have lunch with your secretary. So my suspicion was right? It‘s no wonder you were defending her,” Amy laughed sadly.

“Amy, don‘t cause a scene here,” Broderick cautioned. He was still wondering how Amy found out where he was.

“Miss Amy…”

Eliza tried to say something but Amy interrupted her,” | was right when I called you a ****. Did you know that Broder


Chapter 47

ick is the father of my six kids and that we would be getting married in few days time?” Amy picked up the glass of wine before them and emptied the glass cup on Elva’s hair.

“Amy! I told you not to cause a scene,” Broderick’s voice was hard but it wasn‘t loud.

“Why don‘t you beat me for her, huh?” Amy laughed painfully. Amy wondered if Broderick and Epva had probably have *** before coming to the restaurant to eat or if they were planning to have *** after they had eaten.

Otherwise, why would they have come to the hotel?

If they had just wanted to eat, they would have done that at an ordinary restaurant not in a restaurant of an hotel.

Amy looked at Broderick and said angrily and painfully;” | hate you.”

“I can‘t marry a rude woman neither,” Broderick said, feel ing bad for Elva who was now stained with the cup of drink. As far as he was concerned, Elva was an innocent woman.

“So I‘m rude now?” Amy didn‘t know whether to cry or die.

“Of course,” Broderick replied.

Amy nodded and walked away.

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