Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 288

Chapter 46

An image of Amy flashed across his mind all of a sudden and then he wondered, if Amy knew about what he was about to do, she would be so devastated. Amy is faithful to him eventhough they weren‘t married yet, she would appear any where he wants her to and would give her *** whenever he wants her to. She had never denied him of ***. Not even once.

Broderick wore his trouser and put on his belt then walked out and went inside his car, he picked up the cigarette in his car, lighted it and began to smoke.

The environment was dead quiet as it was midnight, he couldn‘t bring himself to cheat on Amy eventhough she was not present here.

Elva was shocked at how he suddenly pulled back, he had almost had *** with her and he just left? Elva wondered if there was anything that disgust him in her. She had a killer bodyshape and was well aware of how hot she was. That was one of the reasons why the task was assigned to her. She doesn‘t have to dress half naked to seduce or attract any man. She was naturally hot.

She wore her night gown back and walked out of the house then realized that Broderick‘s car was still outside, the glass was tinted so she couldn‘t see what he was doing inside the car.

She walked towards the car, right to the door of the driver’s seat and then opened the door, seeing Broderick smoking, she guessed that he must be trying so hard not to have *** with her.

But as long as he had come over to her house, she would ensure he had *** with her before he leaves.

Chapter 46

“Sir!” She called with a faked innocent look but Broderick didn‘t look at her face, he just continued smoking. Of course, his **** was still as hard as rock.

“Sir, I‘m sorry I made you feel uncomfortable. Can you go home now or should I drive you home? Or will you come to stay in my place, you can have the room to yourself and I‘ll sleep in the living room. Please don‘t be offended sir,” she said.

Broderick looked at her and said,” I‘m not angry.”


“Yes…” Broderick looked at her ******* that was pointing out of her gown and sighed, he felt like grabbing both breast and ******* her, he then started his car and said,” good night!” Then he drove away.

Elva‘s face turned sour, she still had a number of days to get him to sleep with her. She was his secretary anyways and he would be stuck with her for a very long time.

When Broderick arrived home, he walked inside, straight inside the room that Amy was and saw that Amy was still sleeping.

He then went to shower for a very long time, by the time he was out of the shower, he had felt relaxed.

He couldn‘t continue what he intend doing on his laptop again so he laid beside her. He moved closer to Amy and cud dled her gently.

He had caused her so much pain in the past, finding out that he was cheating on her will most definitely cause her a


greater amount of pain.

Three days later, Elva appeared with a cup of coffee be fore Broderick and placed it right before him,” here is your coffee, sir”

“Okay,” Broderick said without lifting his head up. For the past three days, he had tried all his best to avoid Elva.

As Elva turned to leave, she noticed the door opening and Amy entered.

“Hey, miss Amy,” Elva greeted with a smile.

“Hi” Amy smiled but when she saw the short skirt that she was wearing, it was revealing half of her thighs, she had to ask,” what are you doing here?”

“I‘m Mr. Broderick‘s secretary, ma,” Elva replied politely.

“Was that why you are dressed this way? Did you want to seduce my man?” Amy was blunt. Broderick isn‘t a stone and no matter how disciplined or principled he is, if he gets so tempted, he may not be able to resist it.

“Ma! I don‘t have such intention. Please don‘t be rude to me, I have done nothing wrong,” Elva frowned.

“As a secretary, you should learn to dress properly not like a ****, is this a party or a company? I can see your cleavage and a majority of your thigh is exposed. Aren‘t you shameful?” Amy was angry at her.

Elva turned to Broderick and said,” sir, it seems miss Amy is not in a good mood. I’ll take my leave, sir.” Elva then walked qut.


Chapter 46

As soon as she appeared outside, she clenched her fist angrily, “how dare that woman speak to me in that manner?” She mumbled in fury. She felt like crushing Amy to the wall.

“I swear, for the humiliation you caused me today, I‘ll let you suffer,” she swore and walked away.

In Broderick‘s office, Amy had a frown on her face, “what is that lady doing here?”

Broderick rested well on the seat and said,” can you have your sit please?”

“No, tell me what she‘s doing here?”

Broderick motioned to the cup of coffee on the table and said,” she came to serve me coffee.”

Seeing the cup of coffee on the table, Amy sat and said,” why didn‘t you correct her of her dressing? How can your sec retary be dressing in such manner?”

“If you noticed this, what is right to do is to tell me about it when we get home instead of insulting the lady who had done nothing wrong. I didn‘t even notice her dressing lately, honestly. She just serves coffee and gives me info when nec essary,” Broderick said.

“So you are rebuking me because I corrected her?” Amy asked.

“Corrected? You actually insulted her,” Broderick said.

Amy felt like Broderick was in support of his secretary, she stood angrily and said,“bye!”

15 adet “Amy!”

Chapter 46

“Excuse me!” She walked out angrily. She took a look at Elva in her office one more time before walking away.

Chapter 47

Broderick didn‘t like how Amy walked away from him. He hated it when people walk away from him so he picked up his phone and texted her, “don‘t take my calmness for granted. Don‘t ever walk away from me anymore no matter how angry you are.”

“**** you!” That was Amy‘s reply.

Broderick dropped his phone, how could she be so disre spectful to him?

He managed to continue work.

When he was done at work, he walked out but realized that Elva was also done.

“Bye, sir,” Elva said with a smile.

“Thank you,” Broderick was almost exiting the door when he suddenly turned back. “Are you heading home too?”

“Yes, sir.”

A silly idea popped into his head and he said,” how about we take lunch together?”

“It will be my honor, sir,” she said and Broderick nodded.

A couple of minutes later, they were both at the restau rant in an hotel, they both had drinks and foods before them. Broderick had decided to come here to spend some time with Elva cause she didn‘t want to see Amy for now cause how rude she was to him.

He actually didn‘t plan on having anything to do with her.

When the duo were done drinking, they both began to

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