Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 287

Chapter 45

“This will wipe his memory permanently.” Broderick said and removed Nolan‘s phone from his pocket then called Amold. Once Amold answered, he said to him, “Nolan is not feeling fine, can you send your men to come and pick him up

“I swear if anything happens to my brother, I will wage a war against your country,” Amold threatened and hung the call up.

About thirty minutes later, the five soldiers who came ear lier appeared and carried Nolan away.

Broderick had already sent Brett to the hospital leaving just him and Amy before Nolan‘s house.

Amy jumped on Broderick‘s body and shouted,” it worked.”

“Yes,” Broderick hugged her dearly after which they be gan to kiss right there and then.

All of a sudden, an heavy rain pour began but neither of them moved away from the rain, they continued kissing pas sionately as if they would have *** right there and then.

When the wind began to blow heavily and they were al most catching cold, Broderick lead her inside the car and drove away.

Whereas, there was a lady standing a distance away, as soon as she watched Broderick and Amy left, she received a call and once she answered it, the person on the other end spoke,” your mission still remains. Infact, I will now double your payment to two million dollar. You must get that ******* to have *** with you.”


Chapter 45

“Okay, I still have forty eight days left,” Elva said and hung the call up.

She left under the shed that she was and got inside her car, from there, she texted Broderick on WhatsApp and said,” sir, I sent you a mail but you haven‘t got it, it‘s urgent, sir so I‘ll just send the documents here.” Then she intentionally added a video file that contains where she was ************.

Her plan was to tell him the following day at work that it was a mistake.

At midnight, when Broderick decided to review his mails, he realized that there was a message on his Whatsapp. He barely use WhatsApp, infact, he only has to install the app cause his children wanted him to. And the only people he chats with there are his six children. They even had a group chat.

Seeing Elva‘s contact with an unread message, he clicked on it and he read the message first before opening the file.

He was shocked to see a video of Elva in her room naked, she was sitting before the camera and she had a ***** inside her ***** while moaning pleasurably.

His **** charged up at once, he even brought out his **** and began to stroke it, the video was so tempting. He had no idea that Elva was such a bad girl. He thought she was inno cent. He guessed that she must have sent the file to her by mistake.

So he replied and said,” I think you send the wrong mes sage.”

Elva was fortunately awake at the time, as soon as she re


Chapter 45

ceived a notification of Broderick‘s message, she opened her Whatsapp and clicked on Broderick‘s chat, seeing Broderick‘s message, she immediately deleted the file (For Everyone) then sent the original file that she was supposed to send.

“I‘m so sorry, sir…please pardon me, sir,” that was her next reply.

Broderick replied with a smirk emoji, then he added,” | love it though.”

Elva didn‘t know what to reply with for another five sec onds, then she typed,” sir…I didn‘t mean to make you feel un comfortable. Please forgive me, sir.”

“Resend the video,” Broderick typed.

“Sir?” She typed and added a shocking emoji

“Will you disobey me now?” He asked.

“No sir, no sir….but …” This was the first message she typed.

Then she added,” okay, sir. I‘ll trust you and send it.”

“Don‘t worry, I can‘t leak your ****. I just love how you are so hot in the video. I need to feed my eyes with more,” Broderick said.

“Why don‘t we do a video call instead, sir?” She suggested with a wicked smirk on his lips.

Broderick thought about it, he looked around to be sure neither of his children nor Amy are around. He sighed and typed,” well, will I get to see you naked?”

Chapter 45


“Otherwise, what’s the purpose of the video call? I don‘t do video call with people,” Broderick said.

“Okay, sir. I will do anything you want,” she typed back.

Broderick‘s **** became even harder, “do you live alone?” He actually felt like driving over to her place this midnight.

“Yes, sir,” her reply came through.

“Send me your address, I‘ll come over,” he said and she immediately typed her address and sent it.

Broderick mastered the address and dropped his phone, he stood and went inside to change into an outfit, while he was picking up a cloth, he turned and looked at Amy who was sleeping cutely on the bed.

He sighed and shut his eyes for a few seconds, he was madly ***** but it won‘t be fair if he wakes Amy up from sleep and start demanding ***.

Plus there is something about this Elva that was hard to resist, a major part of his body was ******* after her body and it seemed as if it will never be satisfied until he ****** her hard.

He changed into an outfit, he felt guilty for what he was about to do but he wasn‘t really in control of himself at this moment. He just wanted to **** Elva.

He walked out and once he got inside his car, he drove over to her apartment. On getting there, he placed a call across to her telling her he was now outside of her house.

Chapter 45

As soon as he saw Elva appeared, he stepped out of the car and walked to meet her.

“You are welcome, sir,” she said shyly and Broderick spanked her *** as they both walked inside. Before he even walked inside, there was already a bulge on his trouser.

Once he got inside, he pinned her to the wall like an angry lion ready to devour it‘s prey and immediately pulled off her night gown. She was surprised that she wasn’t even wearing anything under.

He took off his belt in a jiffy and pulled his trouser down then he brought out his long and hard ****.

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