Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 286

Chapter 44

“I think I overreacted then, I‘m sorry. I was just jealous,” Nolan said.

“Common! You don‘t have to,” Amy said and sat properly on the bed.

“Come and sit beside me, please,” Nolan requested and Amy went to sit beside him. Amy rested her head on his shoulder, eventhough she felt uncomfortable doing that, she still had to pretend like she was comfortable.

“I love you so much, Amy.” Nolan said.

“Me too,” Amy said.

Nolan began to tell Amy about his funny past while she kept laughing, eventhough the laugh wasn’t really a genuine one. Infact, all she was doing here wasn‘t genuine at all. All she wanted was for Brett to appear here so she can leave this ***–forsaken house.

When it‘s around 9PM, Nolan requested,” | want to go and shower, how about we go together?”

Huh? What sort of a silly request is that? Amy thought. She almost forgot that they were married. “Erm…just go alone.” She smiled.

“No, Amy. Let‘s go together,” Nolan said playfully. “Are you nervous to see my nakedness?”

“Not at all,” Amy said. Nolan took the duvet off his leg, hat was when Amy realized that he was fully naked. She could see his long ****.

Nolan looked at her and asked,” did you like what you

Chapter 44


Amy faked a smile and nodded,” sure…”

“Would you like to have it in your mouth?”

Amy giggled,” yes…but not now.”

“When will that be? My **** is anticipating for you heavi ly,” he said.

Amy smiled,” don‘t worry. Your **** belongs to me and no other woman. But I‘m still trying to get used to you so I can‘t do what you want now.”

“Okay then,” Nolan then stood and walked inside the bathroom. He came back a few minutes later with only a towel around his waist.

He winked at Amy and suddenly pulled off his towel from his waist, “do you love this?”

“Of course. Why won‘t I love my husband‘s ****?”

“Can you at least come and hold it? I want to know how my **** will feel in your hand?” Nolan requested.

Amy chuckled,” common Nolan, dress up. We would do all these soon.” Amy then looked away.

“Look like my woman is shy,” Nolan said and turned, while he was dressing up, his phone rang and he went to pick it up. Seeing that the caller ID was Amold, he answered it,” what‘s up?”

“Okay,” Nolan said a few seconds later and dropped his phone, he then said to Amy,” Brett is around.”


Chapter 44


“Yes. Let‘s go,” Nolan finished dressing up and walked out of the room to the main door that leads outside.

Nolan opened the door and saw five soldiers and Brett, Brett was still handcuffed in the hands and legs. His hair looked very thick and bushy, Brett also looked very lean and weak.

“You can leave,” Nolan said to the soldiers and they all turned and walked away. He then turned to Amy,” so here is Brett, are you happy now?”

Amy felt very pitiful looking at Brett. He must have suf fered so much.

“Brett!” Amy called and Brett managed to raise his head. He was so exhausted.

“He needs to bath and eat, can I tell someone to come and pick him up?” Amy asked Nolan.

“Sure but Amy, you won‘t divorce me now that I have brought Brett, right?” Nolan asked.

“There wasn‘t even a marriage in the first place,” Amy‘s face changed into a stern one. She now has Brett so there was no point pretending anymore.

“What! What did you mean?” Nolan asked.

“The signature on the marriage certificate is false so there wasn‘t a marriage between us actually. I just deceived you so you can bring Brett over and now that I have what I want, I‘ll advise you to avoid me. Did you really think I‘ll leave Broderick


Chapter 44

for you?” Amy asked.

“**** you!” Nolan shouted angrily. He felt used and be trayed. Tears immediately began to fall from his eyes. “You betrayed me, huh?”

“I have no choice,” Amy said.

He grabbed Amy‘s hand all of a sudden and swore, “yes, the marriage may not be valid but I swore to **** you hard mercilessly today. **** or not, I don‘t care. I don‘t even care if your ***** will tear, I‘ll **** you for as long as I can,” he then kicked Brett in the leg and he fell flat to the floor.

As he began to drag Amy towards the door of his house, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his neck and his slight be came blurry immediately then he fell to the floor.

Amy was less surprised to see Broderick. Broderick had injected Nolan with a memory loss injection.

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