Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 285

Chapter 43

“None, ” Broderick said. Amy then pushed him with a fin ger towards the desk, eventually, Broderick fell with his **** to the desk.

She removed his belt at once and unzipped his trous er ,“don‘t worry hubby, I‘ll satisfy you anywhere. All you need to do is to give me a call.”

“Isn‘t that lovely?” Broderick loved how sweet Amy sound ed. He would have felt very worse if he had cheated on her.

Amy bought out his **** from his trouser in no time then knelt before him, she soon took his **** inside her mouth and immediately knelt before him and began to **** on it.

Broderick‘s **** became so hard in her wet mouth, “oh my! I love this so much.”

Amy sucked on it passionately for another fifty seconds after which she stood, she raised her two hands up and said,” take my skirt off.”

Broderick loosned her skirt and took it off from her legs leaving her with her white pant.

“White pant!” Broderick exclaimed. He loved how the pant exposed her curvy waist.

“What are you waiting for?” Amy asked.

Broderick understood what she meant and took off her pant, he kissed the pant before placing it on the desk then he immediately switched position with her.

Amy was now the one sitting on the desk, he carried her separated legs in his hands and pushed his **** inside her


Chapter 43

***** that was now wet. The **** went in deep that Amy screamed in pleasure.

She forgot she was in the office, Broderick didn‘t mind neither, he began to thrust in hard, mercilessly releasing all his **** inside of her.

Amy didn‘t feel any pain at all eventhough he was ******* her in a very hard way, she even loved how hard he was hit ting her.

She kept moaning in pleasure and kept telling him not to stop. Cause of how fast and hard Broderick had been thrust ing inside of her, it had been barely five minutes that he had been ******* her when he felt like he was about to release.

He pulled her body closer to his, locked his lips with hers and increase the way he thrust until he cummed mercilessly inside of her

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Chapter 44

Amy went back to Nolan‘s house from Broderick‘s office. On getting there, she noticed that the house was quiet. She sat and then placed a call across to Nolan, once he answered, she asked her,” Nolan, where are you?”

“Amy, I’m not happy with you,” Nolan ignored her ques tion.

“What‘s wrong? Have you gone out?” Amy asked.

“I‘m in my room,” Nolan said and hung the call up.

Amy wondered why he was angry, she then left the living room and walked up to his room. Seeing that the door wasn‘t fully closed, she knocked a couple of times before eventually opening the door.

She was stunned to see Nolan under the duvet, only his head was exposed but his face was a sterned one.

“Why are you angry?” Amy asked, standing right before him.

“You don‘t expect me to be happy that you went to Brod erick‘s office after we have married, right?” He asked.

“What were you thinking Nolan?” Amy walked closer to the bed. “I’m not an unfaithful woman. For the fact that I went to Broderick‘s office doesn‘t mean anything happened be tween Broderick and I.”

“Is that so?”

“Of course. Although Broderick and I are no longer to gether, it doesn‘t mean we are enemies that can‘t afford to see eachother again.” Amy said.

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