Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 284

Chapter 42

“Once we get married, I‘ll be very happy. I‘ll make you my queen in East Hill and organize the most glorious wedding with you,” Nolan said Merrily.

Amy pretended to blush.

“Does that mean you will cancel your grand wedding with Broderick?” Nolan asked.

“It‘s cancelled already but Nolan, you have to understand that I‘m doing this for you cause I can‘t stand you dieing just because you are in love with me. Are you really sure you won‘t hurt me in the future?”

“I‘ll kill myself if I ever dare to hurt you,” Nolan said.

Amy sighed and lowered her head.

“Amy, trust me. My excess love for you will never make me hurt you.”

Amy nodded sheepishly and then set her gaze on him, “when will you bring Brett over?”

“As soon as we have our marriage certificate, I‘ll bring him over,” Nolan said.

“Okay, get well soon so we can go get our marriage cer tificate,” Amy said.

“I will try. I can’t wait to get out of these bed,” Nolan said.

Seven days later, Nolan was now on his foot. He wasn‘t fully well but was better than he was before.

He placed a call across to Amy and once she answered, he said to her, “Amy, I feel better now, can you come around so


Chapter 42

we can get the marriage certificate?”

“Why don‘t we meet at the civil Bureau?” Amy asked.

“Oh! Okay, I‘ll meet you there then,” Nolan said and hung the call up. Then he got inside his car and drove over to the civil bureau.

On getting there, he could already see Amy standing be fore the building so he stepped down happily and walked up to her.

“Hey Amy!” He greeted with a bright smile on his face.

“Hi,” Amy smiled back and they both walked inside the civil bureau. After all the formalities, they both walked out with the marriage certificate in Amy‘s hand.

“Amy, I can‘t believe that you are now my wife,” Nolan said. He felt as if he had accomplished something so great.

“I can‘t let you keep hurting yourself. I beleive Broderick can easily find another woman, unlike you,” Amy said.

“True,” Nolan said. “ermmm…since you are my wife now, you may want to move to my house with your kids.”

“You haven‘t even ordered for Brett to be brought over here. I feel pained whenever I think of how he is being pun ished over there,” Amy said.

“I will do that.”

“When?” This was Amy‘s main purpose of pretending to be with him all these while.

Nolan sighed, “come inside the car.”


In a jiffy, Nolan and Amy were inside the car. Nolan then placed a call across to Amold and once he answered it, he said to him,” how far about Brett?”

Amy didn‘t hear what Amold said on the other end but Nolan spoke after a few seconds of silence,” send him over to North Hill. I‘ll be waiting for him in my house.”

After that, Nolan hung the call up.

“When should Brett arrive?” Amy asked him.

Nolan checked his wrist watch and said,” before 10PM this night, he should.”

“Okay,” Amy said.

Nolan started the ignition of the car and began to drive. Once they arrived home, the duo stepped down and after ap pearing at his living room, Nolan said to her,” Amy, now that we are married, there is no big deal in us having ***, right?”

“Yes, but still, *** should always be with both parties con sent irrespective of whether we are married or not,” Amy said.

Nolan faced her and held her two hands,” don‘t worry, Amy. I won‘t force you to do what you are not willing to do.”

Amy then nodded.

“Can you wait around here until Brett arrives? It‘s obvious you really want to see him,” Nolan said.

Amy sighed, “okay.‘

Whereas, at the Alessandro‘s corporation, Broderick had just approved his new secretary. He had approved her based


on her academic excellence.

But as it was the duty of every employee to appear before the CEO, the secretary knocked on his door and he spoke from his office,” come in.”

The door opened and he furrowed his brow when he saw Elva. Elva was his secretary at the presidential longue, the lady who has the perfect body figure and was **** tempt ing.

“Elva!” He called in surprise.

“I had to resign from being the secretary to the president just to come and be your secretary cause I enjoyed working with you, sir,” Elva said.

Of course, Elva was a very hardworking lady but the temptation that comes with her presence was unbearable. Al though Elva was wearing an office skirt that stopped right above her knee, he still find her to very seducing. Infact, his manhood was now charging up.

He hummed and said,” wow! That‘s great.”

“Sure sir, shall I start by preparing a coffee for you?”

“Sure, go ahead,” Broderick immediately said and as Elva turned, he couldn‘t take his eyes off her moderate but well shaped tempting ***.

“**** it!” He hit the table angrily and drank from the warm water before him. This time, his **** has grown even harder.

He felt like he may just grab her once he come inside with


the coffee and **** her.

A few minutes later, Elva appeared and walked up to his table, when she bent to place the cup of coffee down, he could see her cleavage.

He swallowed hard and said to her,” Elva, can I ask you a question?”

Elva adjusted upright and nodded,” yes, sir.” She also had a bright smile on.

“Well… Erm… Do you have a boyfriend?” Broderick knew his question was very unprofessional but he couldn‘t help it.

Elva expressed a surprise look but quickly smiled, “no sir, I‘m single.”

“Oh! I thought that a beautiful lady like you will have so many suitors, and infact, would have probably being en

gaged,” Broderick said.

“Not at all, sir. I‘m single,” she said.

Broderick‘s heart thumped as he deliberated on whether to say what was in his mind.

“Hum! Do you like me?” While asking this, his **** was struggling hard to come out of his trouser. It was extremely hard. In his head, he had already started penetrating her hard.

Chapter 43

“Of course. This was why I came to work here. When I use to work for you as the president, I couldn‘t help but adore how smart and hardworking you are, sir.” Elva said.

Broderick stood, he couldn‘t resist the temptation any more, he walked up to her, Elva could already see the hard bulge on his trouser.

“I mean do you have a crush on me?” Broderick asked, standing right before her.

“Ha!” Elva had a nervous look on, her mouth only shiv ered.

“Don‘t be scared,” Broderick placed his hand on her cheek and said,” pretend you don‘t want me.” No matter how she tries to hide it, he could see through her that she wouldn‘t mind him getting her laid.

“Sir…erm… I think this is not right,” she managed to say.

“So you want me to leave?” Broderick asked.

She sighed heavily and said,” no sir.”

“Good. Unzip my trouser little baby,” Broderick said and she moved her shivering hand to his trouser, as she held on the zip, about to pull it down, Broderick‘s phone rang.

“Hold on,” Broderick walked over to where his phone was and seeing that the caller ID was Amy, he felt guilty cause of what he was about to do. He answered it and said,” Amy, how are you?”

“I‘m in Nolan‘s house at the moment but had to call you in his toilet. I have signed the marriage certificate and he had

made a call that confirmed that Brett will arrive here by

10PM,” Amy said.

“Got it. Erm… Amy, can you come over to my office?” Broderick asked.


“Now?” Broderick answered immediately.

“Oh! Is anything wrong?”

“Just come please,” Broderick pleaded.

“Okay, I‘ll be on my way,” Amy said and hung the call up.

Broderick then turned to Elva who was still standing, “El va, thanks for the coffee, you may leave now.”

“Okay sir,” Elva bowed and walked out.

As soon as she appeared outside, she cursed, “**** it! | have forty nine more days to make him **** me or I‘ll be loos ing a million dollar.”

Elva was angry cause of the silly call that came in at the time when she was about to unzip Broderick‘s trouser. Not only was Elza was on a mission, she was also HIV positive.

While Broderick was awaiting Amy in his office, his **** had relaxed a bit but he couldn‘t help but wonder why Elva had so much effect on him. Should she fire her? But how un professional would it sound to fire a woman who has done nothing wrong. Would he say he fired her because she was too hot and ****?

I It will be so unfair. He should be the one to try to control 22.55%

his ****** urge not fire an innocent woman. He thought to himself while hoping for Amy to arrive quickly.

He got back to work a few seconds later, a knock could be heard on the door.

“Come in,” Broderick said and the door opened. Seeing Amy, he stood immediately and walked quickly to hug her,” my baby.” He kissed her on her neck and she moaned lightly.

He had almost cheated on her a few minutes ago cause of how heavily tempted he was by Elblva‘s body.

After disengaging from the hug, he looked at her from head to toe and said,” you look so amazing.”

Amy blushed,” thank you, hubby.” She then added curi ously,” why did you invite me here?”

“To ****,” Broderick said and laughed. Amy giggled and exclaimed,” what! Are you joking?”

“I‘m *****!” He said shamelessly. Amy looked at the door as if worried that someone would barge in anytime from now.

Broderick closed the door and ensured it‘s locked then he said,” you have nothing to be worried about now. The door is locked.”

Amy giggled again, she was still finding what Broderick said incredible,” did you really invite me here to **** me?”

“I don‘t have shame at all,” Broderick expressed a puppy face making both adults burst into laughter.

“Is there a camera in your office?” Amy asked.

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