Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 282

In a jiffy, the car begin to speed to the hospital. Amy never stopped looking at Nolan at the backseat of the car.

Did he really meant it when he said that his life worth nothing

without her? She thought to herself. So he was really going to kill himself because of a woman?

Once the car arrived at the hospital, with the help of the nurs es, Nolan was immediately taken out of the car into the emergen cy ward.

Amy also followed the nurses to the emergency ward but she wasn’t allowed to walk in. Her heart never stopped thumping, there was this feeling of guilt that overwhelmed her, eventhough she hadn’t hit him intentionally, she still felt bad about it.

She then called Broderick, once he answered, she spoke,” Nolan appeared before my car while my driver was driving me away and the car hit him hard.”

“Is he dead?” Broderick asked.

“Dead? No. He’s at this hospital, I’m currently at the hospital too,” Amy said.

Chapter 40

“Why are you bothered about him? You didn’t hit him inten tionally, he was the one who was tired of living and appeared be fore your car. Forget him and come home,” Broderick had no pity for Nolan at all.

Guess it was easy for him cause of the type of person he but was for her, it wasn’t so easy to hit someone and act like she had not done anything. Irrespective of either she had hit the person accidentally or intentionally.

“I’ll come home later,” Amy said. She wasn’t ready to leave

this place.

“The children are home already and they need you. I’ll be go ing for a night meeting soon, I won’t be able to stay with the kids for the night,” Broderick said.

“Broderick, please wait at home a little longer, I’ll be home

soon,” Amy said.

Broderick was quiet for a while then he eventually answered, “okay.”

Amy sighed and waited for another one hour after which the

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Chapter 40

doctor that had been attending to Nolan appeared, “how is he?”

“He had internal bone injury, it will take a while for him to

heal,” the doctor responded.

“When will he be discharged?” Amy asked.

“Probably in three days time, we still need to work on his bones so it won’t get worst,” the doctor said and smiled politely

then walked away.

Three days? That’s too much. She will probably come to check on him later.

Amy then walked out of the hospital and ordered her driver to drive her home. Once she arrived home, she stepped inside the living room and saw Broderick seated calmly on the seat in the living room with his eyes closed.

“Broderick!” She called.

Broderick fluttered his eyes opened and asked,” since when did you care so much for him?”

Chapter 40

“Huh? I didn’t care for him but I was the one who hit him,” Amy said.

“You don’t expect me to feel comfortable with you caring for another man, right?” Broderick asked.

“I’m sorry,” she said and went to sit beside him,” you know I’m also working towards making him release Brett. If you keep acting this way, then I won’t be able to help as regarding Brett’s release anymore,” she said.

Broderick looked at her and sighed, he ruffled her hair and said,” don’t mind me. It takes one to love to get jealous.”

“I understand,” Amy caressed his cute cheek and said,” you just have to trust me until I’m done convincing him to bring Brett

over here.”

“Okay, ” Broderick nodded, “what’s love without trust any ways? I trust you.” Amy rested her body on his for a while and then said,” let me bath and check on the children.”

“Alright,” Broderick said and watched as Amy walked awa

Once Amy fade out of sight, Broderick placed a call across to Irvin and once he answered it, he said to him,” Irvin, any informa tion from the spy yet?”

“He’s been killed, sir,” Irvin answered in a sad tone.

That came as a shock to Broderick. Although Amwas on a mission to make Nolan bring Brett over, he had came up with an other plan with Irvin and that was to send a spy over to EastHill,

the spy was to pretend like a citizen of EastHill who left EastHill a long time ago and was now back home.

Broderick didn’t expect that EastHill soldiers would suspect and kill the man, he felt very bad that an innocent soul got lost

while trying to save another innocent soul.

We can’t afford to risk anyone’s life again. Brett’s life is just as important as other people’s life,” Broderick ‘said. “We need to think of something else.”

“Boss, EastHill security system will even become tighter after this since we are exposed already for sending a spy to them. What I advise us do is to just hold on and let Amy do her job. I’m sure Amy will be able to convince Nolan to being Brett – over.

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Apart from that way, I don’t think there is any other viable way to bring Brett back, boss.” Irvin said.

“It’s not a wise thing to rely on a single plan to get something done. One option is not always a guarantee which is why we must have a ‘plan B.’ Now go and think of how else we can save Brett, I’ll also think from here.” Broderick said and hung the call

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What if Amy was never in view, does that mean he won’t be able to save Brett? Of course not. He needs to save Brett and he needs to do that as soon as he could.

Broderick then thought of an idea. What if he kidnaps Nolan and demand from EastHill that Brett must be released before Nolan is released. That could work, right?

Broderick immediately placed a call back to Irvin and once he answered, he said to him,” find Nolan and kidnap him.”

“Boss, if we kidnap Nolan, the EastHill government will send

war threat to our presidency and I’m sure the president will reach out to you to release Nolan. The last thing we want in North Hill right now is war. We can’t save Brett at the expense of

many innocent lives and a whole nation,”Irvin let out what he thinks of Broderick’s idea.

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