Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 281

After she was done eating, she had an ill feeling about the drink before her and said,” I can’t trust this drink, can you drink

from it?”

“Ha! I can’t hurt you, Amy,” Nolan immediately stood and went to pick up the wine, he gulped everything in at once.

Amy was stunned,” just get me water.”

“Okay,” Nolan walked away and came back quickly with a cup of water then he handed it over to her. She drank it all and then, he took the tray containing the empty dish and empty glass cups away.

Amy felt very satisfied and relaxed well to the chair.

Nolan soon appeared,” how was the food?” Nolan asked.

“It’s actually delicious, I must confess,” Amy smiled genuine

Nolan sighed, “I’m glad that Broderick is able to restore peace and order to the state.”


Chapter 39

“Same here, I thought the war would go on for a long time but both EastHill and North Hill seems to have a stable economy now. Lucifer should have known to mind his business, otherwise, his country wouldn’t have been a ruin.”

Nolan shrugged and sighed,” talking of Lucifer, his condition is getting worse and worse, he’s most likely to die in a couple of days according to the doctor.”

Amy only sighed.

“Are you planning on marrying Broderick?”

“Why not? Infact, our grand wedding ceremony will take place in a couple of days. I can’t wait. I can’t wait for Broderick and I to be legal couple,” Amy said.

Wow!” Nolan exclaimed but his heart was so dull and pained.

He hummed and said, “I feel like Broderick did not give a **** about Brett anymore eventhough Brett served him for


“Who said he didn’t give a ****? You are the one who ar rested an innocent man. Brett has done nothing wrong,” Amy


“Amy, are you saying this? Brett ruled my country for many months,” Nolan said.

“But you also ruled North Hill for many years, so?” She asked.

Nolan looked away and then set his gaze back at Amy,” | guess that means I’m not different from Brett.”

“I guess so, which is why you should release him,” Amy said. “Just let Brett go.”

“I can grant every request you make from me in this world except for this, I can’t release Brett.”

“Why? Just because he ruled your country?”

“And also because seeing Brett in pain will make me feel like I’m seeing Broderick in pain.” Nolan answered.

227 “What did you want from Broderick before you can release

Brett?” Amy asked.

Nolan hesitated for a while before he spoke,” you!”

“Excuse me!”

“You, Amy. If I have you to myself, I can let go of Brett.”

“Am I like an object that can be trade? So you are trying to trade Brett for me. That’s an insult,” she frowned deeply.

“I did not intend to insult you, Amy.” “Nolan said. “But the love I have for you is driving me crazy.” 

“That’s obvious,” Amy said.

“Please just come to me and I’ll let go of Brett,” Nolan said.

Amy was quiet for a while, she then suddenly stood,” you can keep Brett for life, I don’t care. Bye,” she then began to walk an grily towards the door.

Nolan immediately stood and caught up with her, once she

grabbed her hand, he drawled her closer to himself and looked

into her eyes with his handsome gaze,” Amy!” He moved his face closer to her that her lips was almost touching hers, then tears dropped from his face and fell on Amy’s cheek,” I feel hurt any time you leave me.” He said this from the deepest part of him.

“Having Brett with me isn’t profitable at all, but having you with me is the most profitable thing, it would be the best thing that can ever happen to me,” Nolan said..

His alluring scent filled Amy’s nostrils, she was almost lost in his charm, she took steps back from him and said, “find another


Amy then walked out.

He walked quickly after her and when Amy was about bring ing out her phone to call her driver to come and pick her up, he said seriously to her,” I’ll kill myself for you.”

Amy smirked,” easier said than done. Plus what would be come of your country and reputation if it is heard that their king died because of a woman?”

Amy eventually placed a call to her driver to come and pick her up, while she was waiting, Nolan spoke again, tears heavily falling from her face, “life means nothing to me without you, Amy. I mean it when I say I can die for you.”

“The earlier you realize you can not have me, the better,” Amy said, waiting impatiently for her driver to arrive and pick her up from here.

Of course, Amy would still pretend to agree to be with him just to get Brett out but if she accept to be with him easily, he will suspect

Nolan shut his eyes for many seconds and dugged his nails right inside his palm, his fist clenching tightly as he absorbed the pain in his heart. Was it not said that the person whom we love the most has the greatest power to cause us pain.

Nolan wished earnestly that Amy could be his, but having Amy to himself is as impossible as the cloud falling from the sky.

The sound of a car jerked him up from his painful state and he watched as Amy got inside the car, as the car attempted to move away, he sped before the car and the moving car hit him.

Amy screamed as he watched the car hit Nolan hard, she im

mediately opened the door of the car and stepped down, she ran towards Nolan who was laying lifeless on the floor.

“Come, let’s carry him quick,” the driver who just stepped down from the car ran towards Nolan and carried him to the backseat of the car.

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