Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 280

Chapter 39

Three days later, Amy took the children to school and once she was done at thier school, she walked out but as she ap proached her car, she saw a familiar male figure standing beside

her car.

It didn’t take her much effort to realize that this person was

Nolan. She hadn’t texted nor call Nolan ever since Broderick and her agreed for her to pretend to compromise to Nolan just to get Brett out..

She knew that reaching out to Nolan would seem suspicious. Nolan isn’t dumb at all, afterall, she had tried to poison him based on Broderick’s command but he found out. He caught her easily cause her act was suspicious. Assuming she use to offer him drink often, he wouldn’t suspect that the drink she offered him that day was poisoned but since she suddenly offered him drink out of the moon, it was expected of him to suspect.

So, Amy was smarter now and the last thing she wanted was for him to suspect. She knew that sooner or later, he will reach out to him. She had thought that he would probably call or mes sage her, he didn’t expect to see her before her car.

“Nolan,” she called in surprise as she moved closer him.

“I’m sorry I had to appear this morning. How have you been?” He asked calmly.

“I’m good. But I don’t feel comfortable talking here with you plus I need to go to work from here,” Amy said.

“Let’s go together,” he said.

“To my place of work together?” Amy asked.

“That’s right,” Nolan answered.

“Of course not, why would you follow me to my place of work?” Amy asked.

“You are the CEO afterall so I beleive you can arrive to work anytime you want,” Nolan said.

“I’m not a lazy CEO. Nolan, what exactly did you want?” Amy folded her arms and asked.

“I just want us to talk, I’ve really missed you,” Nolan said. The love he has for Amy is truly genuine and unfortunately for him, he couldn’t help it.

“But this is Tuesday morning, you can’t expect me to start talking to you here,” she said.

Nolan sighed,” how about I come to pick you up from work by evening?”

“Why would you pick me up from work?”

“Amy, did you hate me that much that you did not even want to have anything to do with me anymore?”he questioned. Amy sighed and looked away. The sincerity in his voice was so glar


“Fine, just today?” Amy looked at him and said.

“Okay, I’ll bring you over to my house where we can talk bet


“Or where you will be able to ********** right before me? Or try to **** me with the saying that you have less control over your ****** urge?” Amy asked sarcastically.

“I promise not to do any of those. If I do that, then don’t yeild to my invite next time,” Nolan said.

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“What are we going to talk about though?” Amy asked.

“It could be anything. You need to know how being around you makes so extremely happy,” he said.

Amy checked her wrist watch and said,” I need to go now”

Nolan excused himself from the side of the car that he stood and Amy got in, before she closed the door, he asked her,” Amy, can you please call me once you are done with work?”

“Can’t say for sure but by 4PM, I should be done with work,” she them closed the door of the car, started the ignition of the car and drove away

As her car went far and further away, he mumbled to him self,” I truly love you, Amy.”

When it was 1PM, Amy received a call while in the middle of a meeting. She was having a serious meeting with some share holders of the company.

She answered the call nevertheless, that was after she had excused herself from the meeting,” Nolan, I’m busy.”

“I just want to tell you that I’m already at the underground garage of your company, whenever you are done, I’ll be waiting for you.” Nolan said.

Amy checked her wrist watch and exclaimed,” what!” She added quickly,” I told you we close at work by 4PM not 1PM.”

“I got that. I’ll wait for you until then,” Nolan said.

Amy was dumbfounded, she hung the call and then went back to resume the meeting. She wondered how obsessed Nolan was about her.

When it was a few minutes after 4PM, Amy walked towards Nolan’s car elegantly, Nolan quickly walked out of his car as soon as he sighted her and went to open the door that leads to the seat beside that of the driver.

In a jiffy, he and Amy were seated comfortably inside the car.

“Thank you, Amy.

“It’s fine,” she said and he started the ignition of the car then began to drive her home. All this while that they were inside the

car, Amy didn’t utter a word neither did Nolan. There was a calm silence in the car, not even a song was being played in the car.

At the end, they both arrived at Nolan’s house and got down. Nolan was Living in a very tall and beautiful house.

“Did you rent this or buy it?” Amy asked as she looked around the moderate and beautiful house.

“I bought it,” he answered with a smile as they both walked

  1. in.

He gestured for Amy to sit and once she sat, Nolan said, “please let me prepare a fried egg for you.”

Amy wondered how he knew that she likes fried egg, not only did she like it, that was what she feel like eating at the mo


“Okay,” Amy said and Nolan immediately walked to the kitchen. He came back a few minutes later with a tray containing a plate of egg, two slice breads and a cup of a red wine.

He placed it gently beside Amy and asked,” or would you like

to eat at the dinning?”

“It’s okay here,” Amy said and began to eat the food. The food was very delicious that she even bite her tongue in the pro


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