Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 279

They both went back to NorthHill with a lot of soldiers and fought with the COB and his soldiers for two days. Broderick lost a lot of soldiers but eventually, he won and restored democracy back to North Hill.

He didn’t appoint himself as president, instead, he let the people of North Hill vote for the person they thinks fits to be their leader. At the end, someome emerged as the president.

When Broderick returned home the third day, he was so ex hausted. After he had bathed, he went to lay on the bed tiredly and when he was about falling asleep, a message popped up in his phone and he immediately checked, seeing that the sender was Nolan, he adjusted upright and read,” you may think you have won but don’t forget that your boy is still with me.”

Of course he didn’t forget Brett and sincerely, he feels so bad for Brett. It must have been so tough on Brett to be in Nolan’s custody all these years but attacking EastHill at this moment would be more like a suicide mission cause the four corners of EastHill is heavily guarded.

While Broderick was in deep thought, the door opened and Amy appeared.

“Baby,” Amy smiled and went to sit beside him. She was so happy that Broderick was able to restore peace and order in Northhill. All these while, everyone has been living in chaos, North Hill was devoid of peace and order but now that democracy has been restored, the market women can now resume going to market for sales of their goods, supermarket, hospitals, banks can now continue operating fearlessly and in full capacity. Also, North Hill had been heavily guarded just in case any outside

country try to invade them.

Amy pecked Broderick in the cheek but realized that his mood was sour, her smile dissapeared and she held onto his

hand,” Broderick, what’s wrong?” She expected that since every

thing seems well now, what they should be thinking about now is their marriage. Afterall, it seems they were about to experience the happy ever after that she had always wished for.

“If Brett dies, I won’t forgive myself until I die,” Broderick said

in a versad tone.

Amy’s mood became even more flattened, “I really feel so sorry for Brett but how can we save him?”

“At this point, it’s almost impossible,” Broderick said,” the se

Chapter 31

curity around EastHill are ever at alert and guarded.”

“True!” Amy had read about the rigid structure of security in

East Hill.

Amy thought, ‘Broderick can’t be truly happy unless Brett is


“Since Nolan loves me, how about I make a request for him

to release Brett?” Amy asked.

“And he would ask for something in return, don’t you think?”

“That, I’m sure of. I’ve grown to realized that no one really helps another for free, there is always an hidden motive. But I can deceive him, I can just use him as long as it will get Brett out,” Amy said.

Broderick thought about it, indeed, there is no other way to get Brett out unless Amy pretend to compromise to Nolan. But then, it’s a very dangerous task.

“Did you really think you can do it?” Broderick asked her.

“Yes.” Amy said, “we need to get Brett out.”

Broderick smiled, he loved Amy’s willingness to help him. If they can get Brett out, then his happiness will be complete. All he has to do is to speak to the president of the country to ban Nolan from ever entering Northhill.

“About our marriage, we’ll have the biggest marriage in town once our children clocks 6,” Broderick said.

“Do you mean we would have our wedding on our children’s birthday?” She asked.

“That’s right, isn’t that beautiful?” Broderick asked.

“More beautiful,” Amy hugged him. She quickly calculated how many days left to her children’s birthday and she realized that it was just forteen days.

“Broderick, I can’t wait. It had always been my dream,” Amy said.

“Same here, I didn’t know I’ll be find a woman who would love me truly, despite my weakness. Amy, you are such a pre

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cious jewel. I’m lucky to have you,” Broderick said.

Amy blushed and hugged him dearly, “you need to cheer up


“Sure,” Broderick giggled lightly and added, “have you thought of a way to make Nolan release Brett?”

“Erm… probably pretending to love him and acting like I will follow him back to EastHill then once he brings Brett over here, I can dump him and tell him I’ve just been using him. That’s a wrong thing to do but he left us with no choice,” Amy said.

“I think that’s smart,” Broderick said and finally retired to the


Amy laid on his bare chest and began to play with his nip ples, she even sucked on it gently while Broderick just laughed. He also had his hand on her hair,” I love women with long hair.”

“Thank goodness I have long hair,” Amy said and looked into his face. She moved his face up to his and kissed him.

Then she sat on him, right between his waist and wined her

*** on it gently, “ha!” Broderick exclaimed. Eventhough he was exhausted, he could still **** her in a very hard way

Broderick’s **** charged up in no time and when he was about to drag her, Amy pulled back, escaping his grap and jumped off the bed, while laughing.

“Huh, where are you running to?”

“Just want to make you hard…no intention to ****…afterall, you are exhausted, now sleep,”he said and he pretended to be angry.

“Don’t let me catch you,” Broderick said and pretended like he wanted to stand and run after her.

Amy ran towards the door with laughters falling from her mouth, Broderick chuckled and covered himself with the duvet.

“I won’t forget you leave me stranded when I wake up,” he said with his eyes closed.

“Just sleep already, ‘sleepy sleepy…” She giggled and Brod erick laughed under the duvet. In a jiffy, he slept off.



Chapter 37

Amy walked over to him and watched his sleeping and cute face, he kissed his lips and even sucked on it for a while but Broderick didn’t wake, he was so asleep. Amy loved how hand some he looked even while sleeping.

“I’m so happy to have you, baby, “she mumbled to herself.

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