Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 278

Chapter 36

“Are you not scared of death?” Broderick asked Nolan. How could he dare to call Amy such name before him?

“Then I guess you are not scared of Brett dieing,” he said

weakly. Nolan was still seated on the floor.

“Eventhough I won’t kill you, I can still make your life miser able here. I can literally make you beg for death.” Broderick said.

“Do your worst,” Nolan said, looking at him like someone who was ready to die.

“Let leave,” Broderick said to Amy and they both walked away from him.


Nolan gritted his teeth hard as he watched them leave, Amy!” He mumbled and then tried to stand up. His brother must have made him get stuck here cause of the presence of Amy since he kneAmy meant the world to him.

Nolan went into one of the rooms and decided to have the room for himself.

He wondered why he was so much obsessed about Amy. At

first, he thought it was just a simple love but it grows to become something so deep inside of him.

Nolan went to bath and then, went to lay on the bedWhen it was night, he was hungry and decided to walk out.

When he got outside of the room, he realized that everwhere was dead silent. He would have thought that Broderick, Amy and the kids had left here if not for the fact that the portal that leads to the underworld is permanently shut.

He sauntered around and when he found the kitchen, he walked inside and saw an already prepared noodles.

He wondered if Amy had prepared it to eat but because he was very hungry, he carried it to the dinning table and began to eat. While he was eating, only the sounds of spoon colliding with the dish could be heard.

Where in the world are these people? Nolan thought to him self and once he was done eating, he stood and began to search for them.

While searching, he appeared at a large space, there were a

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Chapter 36

lot of buildings there as though it was a street in the outside world. While walking up, he suddenly began to hear chatters and laughs from afar, he quickened his step as he walked towards the direction where that the voice was coming from.

He then sighted Amy’s six kids playing around the garden, they were laughing hard with their hand clutched to their stom ach. An unctrollable smile even appeared on his lips. The chil dren were filled of life.

“Why are you staring at my kids?” A familiar voice sounded behind her and he turned immediately to the person who just


Seeing Amy, he quickly called,” Amy!”

Amy hummed and said,” Broderick must have beaten you so hard for you to look like this.”

“Yes, he ordered his men to beat me. I almost died from the

pain,” Nolan said.

“How long will you keep up with Broderick’s punishment?”

Amy asked.

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“I won’t even mind dieing. You are the most important in the world to me,” Nolan said.

“Don’t even start. I don’t feel comfortable with you staring at my kids that way, can you please leave this place?” Amy asked.

Nolan felt a dull pain in his heart and looked away sadly, he

turned back to her and asked, “where is Broderick?”

“He had just left,” Amy said.

Nolan nodded and said,” every man has their own weakness es, isn’t that, right?”

Eventhough Amy didn’t say a word, he continued, “my weak ness is that I’ve got less control over my ****** urge but isn’t that better than Broderick whose anger can destroy things?” Just as Nolan finished saying this, a loud sound could be heard.

The children that were playing immediately ran from where

they are in panic and went to stay around Amy.

Amy also was scared, same with Nolan. The sound was like that of a bomb

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Broderick? Amy thought in her mind and told the kids to walk after her quickly. They immediately walked after her until they got inside the first and largest building of the underworld. Once they walked in, they saw Broderick standing before them with a smile.

“Broderick, what’s that sound?” Amy asked.

“There was a bomb I diffused here when I came inside here, while we were having fun up there, I suddenly thought about the bomb and how it could be useful, since you and the kids are far away, I set up the bomb again and it blew up,” he smiled.

“Okay….I still don’t get it, now that the bomb blew up? What now?” Amy asked.

Broderick drawled her closer to himself and whispered

sweetly to her ear,” the portal is opened.”

“What!” Amy screamed merrily. The kids that were watching

their dad and mum didn’t know what suddenly made Amy so hap

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\”Shocked, huh?” Broderick chuckled.

Amy turned to the kids and shouted,” the portal is opened.”

The kids screamed in jubilation. Nolan however had a dissa pointed look on his face. He had thought that he would be stuck in here with Amy for a very long time but it seems that fate wasn’t

favoring him.

He clenched his fist in anger and walked away

Broderick carefully walked out of the underworld with Amy and the kids. Once they appeared on the soil of North Hill, Broder ick breathed a fresh air.

Eventhough the underground has everything, it can not be

compared to the outside world.

None of them even thought about Nolan.

“But can we stay in North Hill? I doubt if the chaos is over?”

Amy asked.

“Don’t you know I’m the reason for the chaos? Since I’ve been absent, everything would have died down,” Broderick lead Amy and the kids to his house.

Chapter 36

He confirmed that no one has been elected as the president of North Hill yet and that it was the COB that was acting in capaci ty of the president

Broderick also realized that the economy of North Hill had gone downhill. He left that same night to C50 and found a clue of where Irvin was. He took a flight over to meet him. Irvin was so happy to see him.

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