Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 277

Chapter 35 

The underworld is an independent world. Many of the sol diers you see living here were actually brought here at an early age of one or two years and they grew up here. Plants grow here, so food, water, electricity, just anything that is outside there is here too. Except for population of people, companies, schools and all that. But basically, what we need to survive is here,” Brod 

erick said. 

“I’m just glad dad is alive,” Moses said. 

“Same here,” many of the kids added. 

Broderick looked at his kids adorably and smiled. “As long we all live together, we will be happy.” 

“Yes, I beleive everything will come back to normal one day,” 

say Debby. 

Broderick nodded, he loved the fact that his children were hopeful. 

“But there is a sad news,” Broderick said and everyone in the room immediately concentrated more of their attention on him. 

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“A third party?” Amy asked. 

“Yes, there is not a single person in the underworld anymore 

which means we would have to do the cleaning, cooking and all 

that ourselves. The third party is Nolan,” Broderick said. 

“What!” Many people exclaimed surprisingly in the room. 

“Nolan is here?” Amy asked. 

“Yes, he’s stuck here with us. Though at the moment, he lacked strength to do anything but his twin brother gave a warn ing that he must not die lest Brett doest too as Brett is still with them, so he would be alive and living with us,” Broderick said. 

“I don’t like that man,” Moses said. He remembered the day 

he wanted to **** his mummy. 

“Same here, “many of the kids added. 

“Dad, are we going to be safe with the presence of that man here?” Queen asked, she was disturbed about the presence of 

“Come here, sweetheart,” Broderick said and Queen left the bed and walked up to him. He carried her and made her sit on his lap, “I’ll be here with you always, so don’t worry, he won’t be able 

to hurt you.” 

“If he tries anything, we can just tell dad,” Elijah said. 

“That’s right,” Broderick immediately said,” though I will warn him to stay away from you all but if he tries to get closer to you, inform me, okay?” Broderick asked and the kids nodded. 

“The only thing I’ll miss apart from school is PES game,” Moses said making Broderick smiled. 

Who said there is no PES game here? You are yet to ex plore half of the underworld. We made just everything available here.” Broderick said. “Don’t worry, just rest for the rest of the day. By tomorrow, I’ll take you all round the underworld for sight seeing.” 

Actually, the underworld is half as big as NorthHill with many big buildings, playing ground and all that. One could be living 


there and be deluded to think they are living in the outside world. 

“Okay,” Elisha said and then, Broderick kissed Queen in the forehead and placed her down gently. 

“My Love, let’s meet outside,” Broderick said to Amy and she blushed. She loved the pet name that Broderick called her. She immediately stood and walked out proudly with him. 

Amy intertwined her hand in his and said, “Broderick, you lit erally need to open my chest to see how happy I am to see you.” 

“I can’t die easily,” he chuckled. 

“Where are we going?” She asked. 

“I want to take you to where Nolan is,” he responded. 

“Can you carry me on your back and take me there?” Amy asked. She just wanted to get very close to his body. 

“Come on!” Broderick bent and signalled for her to climb his back. She immediately jumped on his back merrily and then, he began to walk to where Nolan was. 

Chapter 35 

Amy felt very happy and comfortable with her chest pressed against his back, she even kissed the back of his neck and gig gled. 

When they both finally arrived at where Nolan was, he placed her down gently. Nolan, who had his head lowered as a result of lack of strength raised his head up and saw Broderick, but once his eyes set on Amy, he immediately smiled and said,” my love!”.

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