Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 276

Chapter 34

Lord Douglas knew that if he received one over ten of the beatings given to Nolan, he wouldn’t survive it. Hence, he quickly spoke out,” Nolan told me that Lucifer called out some numbers before he was incapacitated to talk but he mentioned the word – underworld- So I assumed that it was the code to unlock the por tal that leads to the underworld and since I know the address, I secretly told Nolan to send Amold over there.”

“You are against your own grandson?” Broderick said and added,” I still respect you eventhough you don’t deserve respect anymore. But when next you come against me, I won’t be merci


Broderick glanced at Nell indifferently then commanded for Nolan to be bundled after him after which he walked out.

His men drove him over to the underworld but as they ap proached the portal that leads to the underworld, they saw a lot of soldiers standing at alert with guns in their hand.

Broderick had to tell his men to stop when they were almost at where they were. After a few seconds, Amold came to stand before his men and said,” Broderick, it’s unpleasant meeting you for the first time.”

“**** the formalities, where is my wife and kids?” He asked.

“They are all arrested. Where is my brother?” Amold asked.

Broderick ordered for Nolan to be revealed and he was made to kneel before Broderick. He looked extremely exhausted plus all his face were so swollen that he could barely see nor talk.

“Did you made him this way?” Amold asked in anger, seeing his brother brutalized this way hurts him so much.

“He made himself this way. Now that I’ve shown you your brother, bring me my wife and kids,” Broderick said.

Amold made an order and someone was immediately pushed forward, this person was Irvin. He had been handcuffed to the back but hadn’t been beaten yet.

Then another person was pushed forward and it was Brett, he was also handcuffed and even had his mouth gagged.

“There are the two people that are closest and most loyal to you, right?” Amold asked but Broderick didn’t say a word.

“Irvin, Brett, Amy and your kids are with me. That’s a sum of nine lives, but you only have only Nolan with you. Whom did you think has more power here?” Amold asked.

“What did you want?” Broderick asked.


Amold gestured for the soldiers to path way and once they did, he walked over to the portal and said,” the only people inside this portal is your wife and kids and I have set a time bomb there that will blow up in ten minutes.”

Broderick couldn’t deny the fact that he was scared at this moment but he didn’t have that expression on his face.

“What did you want?” Broderick asked calmly again.

“I want you and Nolan only to go inside the underworld,”

Amold said.

“What for?”

“I don’t have to explain to you, that’s all I want,” Amold said.

61252 Broderick didn’t have much time to think about why he want

ed him and Nolan to go inside the underworld.

“As for Irvin and Brett?” Broderick asked.

“I’ll release Irvin to lead your soldiers outside of North Hill.”

Amold said.

Broderick was becoming more confused. He was wondering what Amold is up to.

“As for me, I will lock this portal permanently so that even if Irvin and his men decided to come and rescue you, they will nev er be able to. But Brett will still remain with me, I know you are physically stronger than my brother, if you kill him, Brett will die too surely.” Amold said.

Broderick checked his time and saw that there was only five

minutes left for the bomb that Amold set to explode.

“Okay.” Broderick agreed.

Amold ordered for Irvin to be released and once he was re leased, he ran to Broderick and knelt before him,” I’m sorry, boss.

We tried to withstand them but they were too many and overpow

ered us.”

“Lead the soldiers away and don’t come for me,” Broderick

said to him.


“Don’t worry, at the right time, I’ll find you,” Broderick said and added, “keep the soldiers safe.”

Checking his time, he immediately commanded Irvin to leave quick.

“Please protect my sister and her children, boss,” Irvin said and hugged Broderick tight then he immediately walked away with the underworld soldiers.

Broderick then dragged Nolan with him to the portal, he had a knife to his neck just incase Amold has a plan of killing him. But Amold didn’t do anything until him and Nolan stepped down in side the underworld.

Broderick quickly ran to where the bomb is and while diffus ing it, a loud sound could be heard. It was a permanent close of

Chapter 31

the portal

Once Broderick diffused the bomb, he wondered if Amy and the kids were even inside the underworld. What if he was de ceived by Amold?

Broderick left Nolan who sat on the floor weakly and ran to wards the room that he and Amy used to stay, on getting there, he heard sounds coming from it, he tried to unlock the door but saw that it was closed so he kicked the door open.

Amy and the kids screamed at once and hugged eachother

in fear.

“It’s me,” Broderick said and they all turned, seeing Broder ick, the family of seven ran to him and swarmed around him hap pily.

Amy had tears litered her face quickly same with the chil dren. Since the enemies can even penetrate the underworld and captured them and the soldiers of the underworld, they thought that it was finished for them and that Broderick would have been

captured to.

They didn’t expect to see him safe and sound.

After a while, Broderick made them all sat while he went to sit on the couch too. He pulled off his suit and turned on the air conditioner in the room.

Seeing how relaxed Broderick is made Amy and the kids re

laxed too.

“We will be here for a long time,” Broderick said. He didn’t even want to think about how to unlock the portal that had been locked permanently. Actually, according to history, once the por tal that leads to the underworld is locked permanently, those that are stuck there will live in it forever.

“Ha! Why?” Amy asked. The children were also surprised.

“Well, firstly, the outside world is in chaos and it’s just best for us to remain here for the time being. When I mean staying here for long, I didn’t mean staying here until we grow old, in one or two months, we should be able to get out of here,” even Brod erick knew that he was just letting out a false hope. There is no guarantee that they can ever escape this place.

“Oh! How about the food and all we need to survive, are they all here?” Amy asked.

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