Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 275

Chapter 33

When Lord Douglas appeared, Nolan greeted him politely af

ter which he sat.

“Nolan, it’s been quiet a long time. Our economy in North Hill had really fallen so bad,” Lord Douglas said.

“North Hill is in crisis at the moment so that is normal. Even in EastHill, we are working hard to keep the economy stable,” Nolan said.

“So why have you come to pay me a sudden visit?”

“Lucifer got captured by Broderick some days ago then afew days later, his body was found here in NorthHill, almost para lyzed, however, he mumbled some numbers and said the world ‘underworld,’ before he wasn’t able to say a word anymore.”

Nolan said.

“What are the numbers?” Lord Douglas asked.

Nolan called out the numbers as he had crammed the num bers in his head.

Lord Douglas thought about it and said, “Could be the secret

Chapter 33

passcode to the underworld.” Lord Douglas wondered. While Nolan was calling out the numbers, he had crammed the number

in his head immediately.

“Really? Did you know the entrance to the underworld? | could other thousands of soldiers to attack it,” Nolan said.

“The underworld has many skilled soldiers, I don’t know if it will be a good idea, “Lord Douglas thought.

Before Nolan could say another word, a heavy sounds of gun shot could be heard. It was a battle that had commenced be tween Broderick’s soldiers and Nolan’s soldier who were waiting for Nolan outside of the Alessandro’s mansion.

Nolan immediately stood, same with Lord Douglas.

“Hope it’s not Broderick’s soldier?” Lord Douglas became very scared.

Nolan’s heart dissapeared from his body for a second, he had sweats formed on his forehead immediately despite the fact that the air conditioner in the room was on.

“Is there any safe place here?” He immediately asked Lord Douglas who was already shaking in the hands.

Nell had immediately ran towards them with an heavily throb bing heart, “It seems we are being attacked, what do we do now?” She asked with a shivering heart.

Before Lord Douglas could even think of what to do, the door broke open and hundreds of soldiers immediately surrounded the

three adults in the room.

“Please don’t shoot, please. I haven’t done anything wrong, “Lord Douglas pleaded.

“Then why are you scared?” A familiar voice asked and the three adults between the numerous soldiers turned to the voice that just spoke.

Seeing Broderick, they were all shocked to the gut. Nolan’s heart was beating that it was easy for Broderick to hear the sounds of his heavily beating heart from where he was.

He smiled victoriously, he loved the intense look of fear on the adults face.

“Broderick Alessandro is not someone you want to toy with, how many times will I say this?” Broderick asked.

“Broderick, you can’t hurt your family. No matter how ruthless you are, be responsible. Remember that I’m the twin sister to

your mother? If you hurt me, did you think your mother will be

happy about it wherever she is?”

“Although I still bear the surname ‘Alessandro.’ Be rest as

sured that I have detached myself from the Alessandro’s clan a

long time ago,” Broderick said. “Don’t be too confident that I won’t hurt you all.”

Lord Douglas was too scared to even utter a word.

“Nolan, I warned you in the last letter I sent to you to release

Brett but you remained obstinate,” Broderick said and went to sit

on the couch while the adults remained standing of course.

“Broderick, we can talk about this like adult,” Nolan was

scared to the gut. He knew about Broderick’s temper, he had

been a victim before. Broderick’s anger is very scary.

Broderick hummed and commanded,” put a call across and

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ordered for Brett to be sent over to North Hill immediately.” He added,” put the call on loud speaker.”

Nolan immediately brought out his phone, he dared not to be reluctant, he placed a call across to Amold, his twin brother and commanded,” send Brett over to North Hill immediately.”

“Why? What happened?” Amold asked.

“Just do as I have said.” Nolan said.

Amold wondered why Nolan suddenly made such command, nonetheless, since he had commanded, he had to obey his com mand, “Okay.” He said and Nolan hung the call up.

We will all be here together until Brett arrives,” Broderick


Nolan and Lord Douglas exchanged surprising glances, it will take about an hour for Brett to arrive here if he will be brought over by flight. That means, that will have to remain like this for another one hour.

The room was dead quiet for another one hour, Nell’s back

was hurting her seriously cause she had been standing for long but she dared not to complain.

Broderick checked his wrist watch and commanded Nolan,

“Call and ask if he has arrived in North Hill. It’s more than an hour


Nolan placed a call across and it got answered, immediately, “Amold, are you at North Hill already?”

“Almost.” Amold responded.

Unbeknownst to Broderick that during the one hour that they had been waiting, Lord Douglas had sent a text message secretly to Nolan stating where the portal of the underworld is and that he should tell Amold to come with a lot of soldiers and go directly to the underworld and attack it. He also added that Amy and the kids must be held as hostage as it’s the only leverage they can have to be free

Nolan had immediately texted Amold about it and as at this moment, Amold had already arrived at North Hill and heading to wards the Portal. Infact, as at the time Nolan called him to ask if he had arrived at North Hill, he had actually arrived and was

heading towards the Portal that leads to the underworld.

When Amold and about ten thousand soldiers of EastHill got to the portal that leads to the underworld, he punctured the code and surprisingly, the portal gave way.

“Attack!” He said and the soldiers immediately rushed inside the underworld. It was the first time in five hundred years that there would be an outside world invasion to the underworld.

When Broderick realized that another twenty minutes had passed, he stood angrily and shouted,” why haven’t they ar rived?”

Nolan received a text message at this moment and it reads,” Amy, her children, Irvin and all the soldiers of the underworld

have been captured.”

Nolan smirked wickedly and showed him the message that Amold sent, Amold actually attached a picture to the message as


87 tur.

Broderick realized that he had been outsmarted.

“What now?” Nolan asked with a smirk but a heavy slap came crashing immediately to his cheek. He staggered back as he held onto his cheek painfully. He had been slapped heavily by Broderick

He could feel a metallic taste of blood quickly in his mouth.

Broderick wondered how it was possible for them to be able to open the portal that leads to the underground.

“Arrest them,” Broderick commanded and Nolan, Lord Dou glas and Nell were immediately arrested.

With their hand cuffed to the back, Broderick collected the phones from the three adults and slammed it hard on the floor.

“How did you gain access to the underworld?” Broderick asked Nolan. He had a guess that Lord Douglas must have helped him.

Chapter 1

While Nolan was hesitating to talk, Broderick sent him a kick in the chin that immediately made all his lower teeth begin to ache, he shouted,” how did you gain access to the underworld?”

“Broderick, if you keep hurting me, I’ll tell my men to hurt your kids too,” Nolan said. He wasn’t ready to reveal how Amold and his men were able to unlock the portal.

Broderick smirked, “How do you intend telling them to hurt Amy and the kids? You forgot that I’m here with a lot of soldiers


“Beat him!” Broderick commanded and two soldiers walked to where Nolan stood and began to hit him with the baton in their hands. He was beaten mercilessly for another forty minutes until he couldn’t make a sound anymore. He laid on the ground like someone who would die any moment from now.

Lord Douglas and Nell became scared to death. Broderick then commanded the soldiers beating Nolan to stop.

He then asked Lord Douglas, “you already sawhat hap pened to the one who failed to tell me how the secret of the por tal got leaked, now tell me how Amold gain access to the portal?”

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