Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 274

Chapter 32

Once Joan’s call came to an end, Broderick noticed the disturbing look on her face and then he sat upright and helped her to sit too.

“What’s the matter?”

“Joan and her mum is in trouble, she said I should come and save her,” Amy said.

“When did you become a superwoman that saves people?” Broderick asked nd Amy furrowed her brow,” what makes her think you have the capacity to save her?”

Amy thought about what Broderick said and then said,” maybe she doesn’t have anyone to call.”

“Or maybe she’s being used to get you,” Broderick said.

“That may be true, Lucifer is desperate.” Amy said.

“Switch off your phone,” Broderick said, he knew that Joan would keep calling her again and again and that may convince or deceive her to want to go and safe her.

“Okay,” Amy didn’t argue with all. She simply did as she was told.

“Who exactly is ruling North Hill now? You as the president has been declared wanted and Lucifer who seems to be the backbone or maybe the real leader is probably sick and is likely to die soon.”

“Nolan is. Nolan and Lucifer are working together. So now that Lucifer seems to be incapacitated, Nolan can still rule both North Hill and EastHill together.”

“I can’t seem to understand Nolan and why he has been hellbent on having me, I have told him that I don’t love him but he’s still persistent,” Amy said.

“Well, I was informed that he and Martha are presently in East Hill, I don’t think he will want to leave East Hill for now cause it’s the safest place for him,” Broderick said.

“True, can’t w ust keep living here? This place looked peaceful,” Amy said.

“Living in the underworld? How will our children go to school and enjoy all the things they were supposed to enjoy if they are living in the city? It’s too early to give up. We have come this far and I’ll take over North Hill back but it will take strategy and rational thinking,” Broderick said.

“Okay, let me check on the kids,” Amy said and walked out of the room.

“So Lucifer can’t even say a word anymore?” Nolan asked COB, chief of bodyguards, the COB is the person with the highest authority at the moment in North Hill. Eventhough he’s not the president, he’s the one that had been controlling the affairs of North Hill since Broderick had dissapeared.

“Yes, sir. His condition has gotten worse and according to the doctor, it was said that he may die in eight days time. I think he was injected,” the COB said.

“Oh my!” Nolan exclaimed. He beieved that Broderick probably injected him before dropping him somewhere at North Hill. The more he thinks of how Broderick had

Chapter 32

singlehandedly fight himself and Lucifer is the more he fears him more.

However, he still have an hostage in custody and that’s Brett so he still has an upper hand. From what he gathered about Brett, he had been working for him for a very long time.

“He said some words before he couldn’t speak anymore again,” the COB said.

“What did he say?”

some numbers to which I wrote down,” the

“He called COB said.

“Call it for me Immediately,” Nolan said and quickly signalled for the guard beside him to get him a book and a pen.

The COB called out the numbers and then added,” after he had struggled hard to call out those numbers, he said the world ‘underworld.”

Nolan’s heart skipped. He knew that Broderick was the *** of the underworld, surely. Is the number connected to the ‘underworld’ in some way? Nolan thought.

He then hung the call up and went to Martha,” I’ll be leaving to North Hill this night?”

What? What are you going to do?”

“There is ninety percent chance that Broderick is in the underworld. I need to meet with Lord Douglas, Michael had told me once upon a time that Lord Douglas knows much about the underworld,” Nolan said.

Chapter 32

“Nolan, your safety first. You already have your country back, what more did you want?” Martha asked him, “remember that you said Broderick was selfish after he regained his country yet he didn’t tell Brett to step down from East Hill.”

“Getting my country back is one of the two things I want the most.” Nolan said.

“What’s the second thing you want?” Martha questioned.

It took a while before he responded,” Amy!”

“Amy? There are many beautiful women here in East Hill, why are you after Amy?” Martha asked.

Nolan scoffed,” see who is advising? Are there not many men in the world? Why are you after Broderick?”

“The question should be why ‘was’ l after Broderick? I am no more interested in him,” Martha said and Nolan sat.

“Is that so?”

“Yes. For many years, I had loved him with passion but he never loved me. I played many gimmicks that worked for a while but eventually got exposed. How long will I keep going after a man that obviously will never love me? I even made him and the kids loose their memory, but before he even recovered his memory, he had divorced me for Amy… I need to get a life of my own,” Martha said.

Nolan hummed, observing her keenly,” do you really mean what you said?”

“Yes, I need a life of my own now,” Martha looked serious.

“It’s great you made this decision but as for Amy, I’m not ready to let her go,” he said.

“But Amy didn’t love you and I’m sure she would have told you that several times, you don’t expect her to leave the father of her kids and come to you?” Martha asked.

“Don’t interfere into my business anymore,” Nolan said and walked out.

A few hours later, he took a flight over to North Hill and soon arrived before tiie Alessandro’s mansion. On getting there, he knocked and the door soon got opened.

Seeing Nell before the door, he greeted her and asked,” is Lord Douglas around?”

“Yes, come in,” Nell welcomed him and lead him to sit after which she went ahead and invite Lord Douglas over.

Meanwhile, one of Broderick’s spies had informed Broderick about Nolan’s presence in North Hill.

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