Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 272

Chapter 30

“This is the secret between Lucifer and I, so why did you want me to kill my brother and I for a sin I committed when I was young? You have a past too and I don‘t care what your past is, I love your present.” Amy cried.

“Lucifer said he had *** with you when you were in the prison,” Broderick said.

“What!” Amy shouted,” prison? That‘s a lie. I was taken straight from home with my kids and taken to the prison. Lucifer and I didn‘t even talk about the past, we acted like total strangers.”

“So he deceived me?” Broderick asked, the feeling of guilt was fast replacing replacing the feeling of pain and anger.

“Clearly,” Amy responded and walked up to him,” I love you, Broderick. How can I cheat on you? You need to trust me. What‘s a relationship without trust? If we don‘t trust eachother, people will easily come between us.”

Tears immediately rushed down Broderick‘s face,” can you blame me? My late wife damaged me, I couldn‘t fall in love for a long time but I eventually did. But to trust is hard. I trusted my late wife with my life and she…” Broderick couldn‘t complete his statement as more tears streamed down his face.

Amy understood him and didn‘t hold any grudges against him at all despite what he did to her.

“I hit you, I‘m sorry,” Broderick lowered his head and cried guiltily. Remembering how he slammed Amy to the wall and to the table in a hard way makes him feel a very sharp pain in his heart.

Chapter 30

“Can you forgive me?” He raised his face up slowly, he had both blood and tears all over his face, “please! I have hit my woman, I don‘t deserve forgiveness.” Broderick felt really bad that he sunk to his knees right before Amy,” my woman…” He said, looking at Amy‘s face,” I don‘t deserve you. You are a sweet, good and adorable woman…” As tears fall freely from his face, he added,” but I…am the opposite. I‘m the opposite of good, opposite of adorable, my life is messed up. How long will I keep hurting you and putting the blame on my late wife?” His head shook painfully, the pain he felt in his heart for hitting Amy on the wall and on the table was more than the pain his shoulder that had knife in it was feeling.

“I want you like that,” Amy said, tears all over her face too.

“But I‘m a bad man. I’m an abuser, I don‘t even respect women. The last time, I had tied your hands and legs and had *** with you mercilessly. You are a good woman who deserve the best from a man who would take care of you, be good to you and pamper you. I‘m worst,” the feeling of guilt was eating him up quickly like cankerworm.

“I want you like that. I know about your weakness before I fell in love with you. And you are not absolutely bad, you are also sweet. When all these is over, I‘ll teach you how to manage your weaknesses,” Amy said.

“My woman, do you really want to forgive me?” Broderick asked.

“I have forgiven you,” Amy said and added,” wneed to get you treated.”

Amy immediately ran out and asked one of the underground soldiers if they have someone who can treat Broderick,

Chapter 30

surprisingly, they even had many soldiers who are in the health department.

They quickly attended to Broderick and start to treat him.

Then there is no point for Irvin to have been taken out of the underworld since he can be treated here?

Amy immediately told one of the soldiers about Irvin been taken out by Lucifer.

“We can help you bring Irvin back, ma,” one of the soldiers said and Amy nodded.

The soldier who just finished speaking to Amy went to select some soldiers and as thewere heading out of the portal in order to bring Irvin back, Amy ran to them and said, “I want to follow you.”

“No, ma. We won‘t return without bringing commander Irvin back, we assure you” the head of the soldiers heading out said.

“It‘s a command,” Amy said and the soldiers immediately agreed.

In a jiffy, the soldiers and Amy left the underworld in order to save Irvin from Lucifer.

After a couple of minutes, Broderick was laying on the sick bed, the knife that was stuck deep in his shoulder had been removed and his shoulder had now been bandaged. Also, his face had been treated and cleaned too. He has regained his handsome composure back.

He stilled his mind for a while trying not to think about

Chapter 30

anything but he didn‘t know when he slept off.

(Amy received a hard slap from Lucifer that send her falling to the ground.

(“You *****!” Lucifer shouted, “Broderick ruined my country and I‘ll kill you as revenge.)

(Lucifer sat on her and gripped her neck, then tightened his two hands hard around her neck trying to kill her.)

Then Broderick immediately opened his eyes, it was a dream. All those scenes in brackets were his dreams.

He stood up fearfully and with a thumbing heart, he ran out to the central hall of the underworld where the soldiers are mostly are. “Where is my woman?” He asked quickly.

“Boss, she has gone to save Irvin from Lucifer.”

“What!” Broderick exclaimed loudly, his voice vibrating round the four walls of the hall,” where did you let her go?”

“She commanded the soldiers that wanted to help her bring Irvin back, sir,” one of the soldiers responded.

Broderick ran to the exit of the portal while about one thousand soldiers ran after him, while Broderick was puncturing the code, the portal suddenly opened and the underworld soldiers immediately set and cocked their guns towards those that just have appeared on top of the portal.

But to their surprise, it was Amy holding Irvin whose leg was jelly and who looked like someone that will die soon.

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